Remote interpreting via Zoom for negotiations, webinars and online conferences


Why distance interpreting? 

Global digitalization and the Covid-19 pandemic have significantly transformed modern communication methods. This was reflected not only in the personal communication of people, but also in the interaction of organizations and businesses with their customers and the public. The field of translation and localization was also affected and began to transform significantly. 

37 luchshikh perevodchikov s russkogo na anglijskij dlya online seminarov vebinarov i konferentsij cherez zoom

According to statistics published on the website, during the pandemic, 70% of companies surveyed in the United States moved part of their events to the virtual space. And over the past few months, over 6 online events have been registered and held on the 52Connex platform, with the participation of over 000 simultaneous and consecutive translators. Large exhibition centers have moved the format of their exhibitions online, creating virtual stands and platforms for virtual conferences and webinars, with the involvement of translators through Zoom.


Video remote interpreting via Zoom

To ensure wide publicity and attract the maximum number of participants, organizers and participants of webinars and online conferences resort to the services of an interpreter. The services of an interpreter are used not only from German, Russian and Spanish into English, but also into dozens of other languages. The organizers of major webinars, seminars and online conferences attract participants from all over the world, and to provide linguistic support, they provide simultaneous or consecutive translation into several languages.


Interpreting at meetings and conferences

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One of the most popular methods of such translation is Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) in video conferencing mode. The advantage of this translation is its 24/7 availability, fast deployment and low cost. Translation is carried out by translators remotely via Zoom, Skype or other specialized translation support systems. This enables translators to translate from Russian, German, Spanish into English without leaving home and without spending time traveling to the venue.


Zoom-verified translators from German, Russian, Spanish, English and other languages

We appreciated the ability of many translators to provide remote interpreting services through Zoom and gathered the best translators from Russian, German, Spanish into English, who, in our opinion, are the most prepared for translating online events: webinars, conferences, trainings. The translators below have partnered with to help you with Zoom translation in your webinar, training or online conference. To ensure the highest possible translation quality, we recommend sending presentations for preparation to the translators, as well as a list of speakers for the webinar or conference.

39248 ID 998429 / Tanya
tanja arabic japanese english spanish russian slovak interpreter translator Legal translator to accompany a notary public and at court hearings. Working languages: Arabic, Japanese, English, Spanish, Russian, Slovak
Legal translator and interpreter to accompany the notary and at court sessions. Working languages: Arabic, Japanese, English, Spanish, Russian, Slovak... Support of transactions (purchase ...
53672 ID 38496 / Lyudmila
ludmila english finnish italian russian german interpreter translator Simultaneous interpreter - English, Finnish, Italian, Russian, German - Ludmila
High-level simultaneous and consecutive interpreter with English, Finnish, Italian, Russian and German languages. Interpretation at negotiations, seminars, conferences. She worked as a translator in ...
34920 ID 1013132 / Irena
Translator from Bulgarian, English, Italian, Latvian, Russian - Irena
Interpreter and Translator from Bulgarian, English, Italian, Latvian, Russian Higher linguistic education. I work as a professional translator at conferences, exhibitions, seminars, ...
38576 ID 17119 / Olga
Certified medical translator - accompanying in clinics during examination, diagnosis, treatment, childbirth and operations - Olga
Certified Medical Translator - accompanies in clinics during examination, diagnosis, treatment, childbirth and operations. She repeatedly accompanied patients in leading clinics of the country, ...
51107 ID 1092846 / Yuri
Technical and business translator
Technical and business translator. Engineer-economist - logistics, rail transport, construction and architecture. Economist - business economics, capital markets. Sociology and psychology of mass ...
47367 Katherine
katerina english spanish korean dutch french russian interpreter translator Translator and interpreter in the field of economics and politics - English, Spanish, Korean, Dutch, French, Russian - Katerina
Translator with higher education in the field of economics, politics and international relations. Working languages: English, Spanish, Korean, Dutch, French, Russian... Experience in ...


Zoom functionality for simultaneous and consecutive interpretation 

Zoom has announced the release of functionality for translators. Users who would like to involve translators in their meetings or webinars can now enable language translation. The language translation feature allows the host to designate attendees as translators on the web portal or during a Zoom session. When a meeting or webinar begins, the host can launch an interpretation feature that allows translators to provide their own audio feeds for the language they are translating into. Participants can then select an audio channel to listen to the translated audio in their preferred language, as well as the option to mute or listen to the original audio at a lower volume. Unfortunately Zoom does not provide the ability to record the translation, but the translator himself can do it using his own tools.



Zoom currently supports the translation interface for the following languages: English, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, German, French, Portuguese, Spanish, and Korean. We do not exclude that in the near future other developers of video conferencing systems, such as Skype, Microsoft Teams, GoToMeeting, Cisco WebEx, will add remote interpreting functionality to their products.

In which countries is distance interpreting available via Zoom?

Since remote interpreting is provided through the Zoom platform, the location of the interlocutors does not matter. High speed internet access and Zoom software installed are important. However, below is a list of countries where you can quickly find and order a remote translator from Spanish, Russian, German, English and other languages ​​for remote work via Zoom.

Interpreters for Zoom webinars and conferences in Europe

 Austria  Albania  Andorra  Byelorussia  Belgium  Bulgaria  Bosnia and Herzegovina  Ватикан  United Kingdom  Hungary  Germany  Greece  Denmark  Iceland  Spain  Italy  Cyprus  Latvia  Lithuania  Liechtenstein  Luxembourg  Macedonia  Malta  Moldavia  Monaco  Netherlands  Norway  Poland  Portugal  Russia  Romania  San Marino  Serbia  Slovakia  Slovenia  Ukraine  Finland  France  Croatia  Montenegro  Czech Republic  Switzerland  Sweden  Estonia


Interpreters for Zoom webinars and conferences in Australia and Oceania

 Australia  Vanuatu  East Timor  Guam  Kiribati  The Marshall Islands  Micronesia  Nauru  New Zealand  New Caledonia  Palau Papua New Guinea  Samoa  Solomon Islands  Tonga  Tuvalu  Fiji


Interpreters for Zoom webinars and conferences in Asia

 Abkhazia  Azerbaijan  Armenia  Afghanistan  Bangladesh  Bahrain  Brunei  Butane  Vietnam  Georgia  Israel  India  Indonesia  Jordan  Iraq  Iran  Yemen  Kazakhstan  Cambodia  Qatar  Kyrgyzstan  China DPRK  Korea (South)  Kuwait  Laos  Lebanon  Malaysia   Maldives  Mongolia  Nepal  United Arab Emirates  Oman  Pakistan  Palestine  Saudi Arabia  Singapore  Syria  Thailand  Taiwan  Turkmenistan  Turkey  Uzbekistan  Philippines  Sri Lanka  South Ossetia  Japan


Interpreters for Zoom webinars and conferences in Africa

 Algeria  Angola  Benin  Botswana  Burkina Faso  Burundi  Gabon  Gambia  Ghana  Guinea  Guinea-Bissau  Djibouti  DH Congo  Egypt  Zambia  Zimbabwe  Cape Verdecape  Cameroon  Kenya  Comoros  Côte d'Ivoire  Lesotho  Liberia  Libya  Mauritius  Mauritania  Madagascar  Malawi  Mali  Morocco  Mozambique  Namibia  Niger  Nigeria  Republic of the Congo  Rwand  Sao Tom and Principe  Swaziland  Seychelles  Senegal  Somalia  Sudan  Sierra Leone  Tanzania  Togo  Tunisia  Uganda  CAR  Chad  Equatorial Guinea  Eritrea  Ethiopia  South Africa  Southern Sudan


Interpreters for Zoom webinars and conferences in North America

 Antigua and Barbuda  Bahamas  Barbados  Belize  Haiti  Guatemala  Honduras  Grenada  Dominica  The Dominican Republic  Canada  Costa Rica  Cuba Mexico  Nicaragua  Panama  Salvador  Saint Vincenti  St. Kitsy Nevis  Saint Lucia  USA  Trinidad and Tobago  Jamaica


Interpreters for Zoom webinars and conferences in South America

 Argentina  Bolivia  Brazil  Venezuela  Guyana  Гвиана  Colombia  Paraguay  Peru  Surinam  Uruguay  Chile  Ecuador

Zoom Remote Interpretation Specialization

Here are selected the best 37 translators from German into English, whose services you can order regardless of where you are. Translators work at webinars and online conferences in a variety of areas: technical, medical, educational and legal events.

  • Technical remote video interpreting via Zoom especially in demand at webinars and online conferences dedicated to industry, metallurgy, robotics, oil and gas, agriculture, chemical industry, mechanical engineering, metalworking, electronics, electrical engineering, manufacturing, LED lighting, communications and wireless technology, science, energy, infrastructure, IT, pharmaceuticals, mechatronics.

  • Medical Remote Video Translation via Zoom very relevant when visiting the clinic, as well as holding seminars, webinars and trainings in the fields of obstetrics and gynecology, therapy, ophthalmology, neurology, endocrinology, dermatovenerology, surgery, urology, mammology, proctology, immunology, otorhinolaryngology, ultrasound diagnostics, densitometry, manual therapy, reflexology, dentistry, computed tomography, gastroenterology, cosmetology, trichology, psychology, hysteroscopy and hysteroresectoscopy.

  • Economic and business distance interpreting with Zoom can be ordered for business negotiations in the field of economics and business, for webinars and online conferences of an economic and marketing focus. Often this type of translation is used to solve external economic and logistic issues. Remote search for suppliers of goods and equipment outside the country, remote visits to manufacturers and exhibitions, and planning of business trips are also very relevant today. And remote search and selection of equipment, with the help of Zoom translation in any country, has become more affordable both in price and in terms of time.

  • Legal translation using the Zoom platform became increasingly carried out at court hearings if witnesses or other participants in the process for valid reasons cannot appear at the hearing. Professional court interpreters from Spanish, Russian, German to English and from English to Russian can remotely connect to the video conference via Zoom, thereby being remotely present at the court session. Translation quality is important in litigation, especially when working through Zoom. Therefore, consecutive court translation is used more often. Legal or sworn translators from Russian and English can also be provided for notarial transactions, powers of attorney and other legal issues.


How do I find and order an interpreter for a Zoom webinar or conference?

You just need to leave a request for remote interpretation of an online event and our manager will select for you the most optimal remote interpreting solution for your needs and send an offer by e-mail within a few hours.

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