Terms of use 

1. Checkout and prepayment terms

The Linghouse website (or “http://lingohaus.com”, hereinafter “the Site”) is a reservation system for interpreters worldwide and is the property of Linghouse LLC, registered in the Russian Federation and Darius Pro eK, registered in the Federal Republic Germany. Any use of the Site implies that the User, Visitor or Customer agrees and accepts the terms of this User Agreement. The Site Administration does not provide translation services, but is only a portal on which freelance Translators expose their profiles. The Customer selects an interpreter for photography and competence and leaves the Order through the order form provided by the Site, agreeing to the terms of this User Agreement. The Site Administration checks the availability of the translator and if the translator selected by the Customer is not available on the ordered date, the Site administration has the right to replace the Translator with a comparable competency without the consent of the Customer. Any services booked by the Customer on the Site are provided directly by freelance translators and all responsibility for the execution of the order lies with the Translator. By filling out the order form, you conclude a transaction with the Translator and agree that the site administration is not one of the parties to such agreements and that, with the exception of payments specified in this document, the site administration does not share the responsibility arising from or related to such agreements . You acknowledge and agree that, despite the fact that the Site Administration is not one of the parties to the agreement between you and the Translator, the Site Administration and its agents abroad act as agents for the payment of the Translator with the limited purpose of partially accepting your payments on behalf of Translator. After receiving the amount of your payment in favor of the Translator by the administration of the Site, your monetary obligations to the Translator regarding this amount are partially repaid exactly by the amount of the prepayment you have made. You pay the unpaid part of the payment directly to the translator at the meeting. If the Site Administration selects an interpreter for you according to the requirements specified in your preliminary application, then you agree to pay the Site Administration a pre-agreed prepayment of the total cost of the order for interpreting services issued through the Site. The amount of prepayment is decided by the administration of the Site individually and informs the Customer. The customer can pay in Euros or in rubles through payment agents. If the administration of the Site cannot pick up the Translator according to the requirements of the Customer, then it will return the made prepayment to the Customer in full within 30 days. Translator profiles posted on the Website are not a commercial offer or a public offer, but represent only part of the familiarization material. 



2. Cancellation Policy 

Standard order cancellation is possible 48 hours before the start of the meeting with the Translator - in this case, the Site administration refunds up to 100% of the total order value, excluding the bank commission and other direct costs incurred by the Site administration in the process of refunding the cost or processing the order. If the Customer cancels the order 24 hours before the start of the meeting with the Translator, then the Site administration refunds up to 50% of the Total cost of the order. Cancellation of the order is made by the Customer in writing by sending an appropriate message with the subject of the message "Order Cancellation" to the e-mail info@lingohaus.com. In all other cases, the total cost of the order is not refundable. 

3. Translation replacement rules 

In case the competence of the translator does not correspond to the declared one, or if the translator fails to attend a meeting confirmed in advance, the administration of the Site replaces the translator within 75 minutes. In case the alternative translator is not available, the Site Administration informs the Customer about this and returns to the Customer the prepayment made in full within 30 days from the moment of receipt of the payment. 



4. Regulatory legislation

These Terms shall be interpreted in accordance with the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany. The Site Administration and the Customer give their consent to submit to the personal jurisdiction of the court of the Federal Republic of Germany in any proceedings in which the parties retain the right to seek the use of protective measures of a restraining nature or other means of judicial protection under the law of justice in an appropriate court to prevent existing or potential violations, unlawful misappropriation or infringement of copyright, trademarks, trade secrets, patents or other intellectual property rights. the property of one of the parties. 

5. Confidentiality

You acknowledge and agree that the use of any of the services of the Site means that you give the Site Administration the right to view, save, copy and disclose all the information provided, if this is due to legal requirements or a bona fide assumption that the storage, copying or disclosure all or part of the information provided is really necessary. You acknowledge and agree that the technical processing and transmission of information from the services of the Site, including the information provided by you, may include data transmission over various networks, including unencrypted Internet communication channels, which are never completely confidential and safe; agrees with this transfer in cooperation with the administration of the Site. You also understand that any message and / or information sent via the Site’s services may be unauthorized read and / or intercepted by third parties, even with special notification about the fact that the transfer of information is encrypted, and consent to any transfer of information outside the country in which this information was obtained, and / or the country whose law applies to the resulting legal relationship. The site collects all the data you provide, as well as data obtained from third parties, subject to your consent and / or to the extent permitted by law applicable to the parties without your consent. The Site collects data about you in order to provide access to the Site Products, manage and improve services, inform Users about services and other information on behalf of the Site, as well as protect the interests of the Site and for other purposes not prohibited by applicable law and / or agreed with you. 



6. No warranties, limitation of liability

You use the Site service at your own risk. Services are provided "as is", and their cost is regulated individually. The Site Administration does not assume any responsibility, including for the inconsistency of the services declared by the Translators. The site is not responsible for the quality and / or deadlines for the provision of services or for the non-appearance of the Translator to order. The site does not guarantee that: the services meet / will meet your requirements; Services will be provided continuously, quickly, reliably and without errors; the results that can be obtained using the services will be accurate and reliable and can be used for any purpose or in any capacity (for example, to establish and / or confirm any facts); the quality of any product, service, information, etc. obtained using the services will meet your expectations. Any information and / or materials (including letters, any instructions and guidelines for action, etc.), access to which the User receives using the Site’s services, you can use at your own risk and risk and are solely responsible for the possible consequences of using the specified information and / or materials. The Administration of the Site is not liable for any kind of damages resulting from your use of the Site’s services or certain parts / functions of the services. The Site Administration does not promise or guarantee that the information obtained through the use of services will in all cases be correct, up-to-date or complete; Services may contain technical inaccuracies or typographical errors.