Work as a translator in Germany

Interpreter Profession - this is one of the most difficult professions, which, in addition to competent language skills, also requires attentiveness, a wide outlook and a responsible approach to business. This article will focus on the work of an interpreter in Germany, who specializes in working at exhibitions, conferences, seminars, business negotiations, as well as accompanying Russian-speaking patients in clinics in Germany. 

In their work, translators in Germany have to deal with a variety of issues and problems. Firstly, this is a difference in mentality - our translators are usually from the CIS countries, it often happens that after living in Germany for a long time, they change their way of life, look at different things, some have an accent, many have a reassessment of values. For a customer who comes from Russia or other CIS countries, this immediately catches the eye, sometimes there may even be misunderstandings between the translator and the tourist. In order to avoid misunderstandings, it is necessary to try not to forget the view of a Russian person on certain things.

It should also be borne in mind that a Russian person, coming to Germany, is often picky about the services that he orders. This is primarily due to the fact that the cost of services translator in Germany higher than in the CIS countries. By paying for services in full, the customer requires a corresponding competent translation.

To provide quality translation services in Germany, a translator needs to prepare for the upcoming work using prepared materials. Materials for translation can be provided in Russian, German and not rarely in English. These can be presentations, technical documents, medical records, a description of the company's activities, an agenda, and more. It often happens that the material for translation is not provided at all, but instead only the subject of the translation is named. In this case, the translator will be presented with a serious preliminary work on an independent search and broadening of his horizons on the subject provided. If there are new words in the topic, then the translator should write them down and memorize them.


Would you like to work as an interpreter in Germany? 

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