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How does the selection of interpreters go to the database?

The interpreter's profession is one of the most responsible among the specialists who accompany their customers at various events. Important are not only linguistic and communication skills, but professionalism itself as the main element of a successful specialist.Selection of interpreters The positive outcome of almost any event depends on the competence and experience of the interpreter. Methods and approach to the selection of interpreters differ significantly depending on the direction in which we plan to use an interpreter - medicine, technology or business.

The methodical selection approach is as follows:

      • The interpreter’s resume is studied in detail - his strengths and weaknesses are identified, his qualifications and experience are assessed.
      • A telephone interview is held - with the participation of our specialized experts to identify the competence of the interpreter.
      • The interpreter is sent to the profile application, after which our managers receive feedback from the customer.
      • Statistics are kept for each interpreter for all orders - competence, efficiency, ethics, punctuality, accessibility.

If one of these stages revealed serious shortcomings in the professional or personal qualities of the interpreter, we notify potential candidates that they have not been selected.

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