Who are the translators and what qualities they possess

Many people who speak a foreign language have at least once thought how to make money with it. Some give private lessons, while others dream of becoming a translator and working at Lingohaus. However, is a single foreign language enough? The answer is no.

Speech The first is knowledge of your native language. A translator who wishes to cooperate with our company must have excellent knowledge of the German language, but first of all, his native language. To do this, you need to constantly read magazines and newspapers, even instructions for household appliances and medicines. This approach makes it possible to master various styles of the native language. This will make the task easier, since when making a translation, you will be able to use phrases and expressions that are used, for example, when describing a medicine or in technical vocabulary. You also need to constantly monitor your speech. While at home, before you say anything, think about how to properly construct a particular sentence. You will bring your speech to automatism and will not reflect on whether you are speaking correctly. Keep in mind that if you also speak English at a high level in addition to the German language, then the chances of getting a high-paying job in Germany as a translator are much higher.


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Erudition. Anyone can learn to speak a foreign language if they wish. However, for this you need to constantly expand your own horizons. For example, it is difficult to translate the speech of a speaker when you do not know the subject of conversation. To avoid this, you need to constantly follow the news, read publications in different languages ​​- then you will turn out to be a real professional translator.


Appearance. Translator is a profession in which there is constant contact with people. In addition to daily hygiene, you must constantly monitor the oral cavity. It’s not enough to brush your teeth every day, your breath should be fresh throughout the day. For this there are various means. In addition, the translator must be well groomed hands and hair. Men have undesirable long hair. Clothing should be strict, not attract too much attention, women should forget about the neckline. Type of female translator: a strict business suit, soft makeup and neat hairstyle.


Punctuality. No matter how professional a translator you are, once you are late for a meeting, you will lose your reputation over the years. If you are a fan of being late, then the translator from you will not work out - try to train for punctuality and to plan your arrival at the meeting 15 minutes before it begins.

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