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Telephone translation of business negotiations and conferences

Here you will find over 12 interpreters who provide remote telephone transfer from Russian, German, Spanish, Italian, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese and other languages. We work with 130 languages ​​of the world. This service is an excellent alternative to personal conversation, in cases where the interlocutors, for certain reasons, are not given the opportunity to attend a personal conversation. Technically, a telephone transfer is carried out through a Skype conference or through a cloud-based remote transfer system. You leave us an application in which you inform the phone numbers on which you and your interlocutor will be available, assign the exact time, topic and language pair of the call. The manager will prepare everything. Punctually, at the agreed time, our interpreter makes a conference call and translates your conversation.

Select a language pair for telephone translation

When ordering Telephone interpreting services, you can choose the languages ​​and topics of the translation, as well as provide us with a brief summary of the conversation in advance. If the conversation is of a very specific nature (technology, medicine, etc.), in which special terms are potentially present, then in order to ensure the accuracy of the interpreting, it is advisable to provide detailed material in advance for the interpreter.
We guarantee complete confidentiality of information in accordance with the "code of ethics".

How to find and order an interpreter for telephone translation?

You just need to leave a request for interpretation by telephone and our manager will select for you the most optimal solution for remote interpretation for your needs and will send you an offer by e-mail within a few hours.

Book a telephone transfer

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