Interpreters and translators in Sydney at the exhibition, negotiations, in the clinic

On this page you can find and order translators in Sydney in the language combination Russian-English, English-Russian general, medical, technical, economic, as well as legal profile.

27030 ID 37853 / Elena
lena portuguese greek czech itlian spanish russian english interpreter translator simultaneous interpreter - portuguese, greek, czech, italian, spanish, russian - Elena
Simultaneous and sworn translator. Passed the state exam and received the status of a sworn translator. Speaks 6 languages: Portuguese, Greek, Czech, Italian, Spanish, Russian. It has…
18266 ID 998418 / Farida
farida arabic uzbek turkish armenian kazakh russian english interpreter translator Working languages: Arabic, Uzbek, Turkish, Azerbaijani, Armenian, Kazakh, Russian.
Guide-translator, tour guide, personal assistant in business and tourist trips. Working languages: Arabic, Uzbek, Turkish, Azerbaijani, Armenian, Kazakh, Russian. Organizes excursions, ...
1168 ID 709751 / Elena
Certified translator in Sydney, Australia - Russian, English. From 50 € per hour or 380 € per day.
Certified translator in Sydney, Australia - Russian, English. From 50 € per hour or 380 € per day. Master in Translation and Interpretation from Macquarie University of Sydney, Australia.…
503 ID 953203 / Alexey
Translator and interpreter in Sydney, Australia - Russian, English. From 65 € per hour or 550 € per day.
Translator and interpreter in Sydney, Australia - Russian, English. From 65 € per hour or 550 € per day. Professional translator in Sydney with accreditation NAATI (National Agency for Accreditation of translators ...
490 ID 419066 / Alain
Qualified translator in Sydney, Australia - Russian, English. From 60 € per hour or 450 € per day.
Qualified translator in Sydney, Australia - Russian, English. From 60 € per hour or 450 € per day. Experienced and qualified translator from English to Russian in Sydney (Australia).…
443 ID 923038 / Aramais
Translator and interpreter in Sydney, Australia - English, Russian. From 45 € per hour or 400 € per day.
Translator and interpreter in Sydney, Australia - English, Russian. From 45 € per hour or 400 € per day. Engineer, University of Sydney, 1968 The Art of Simultaneous interpretation, Macquarie University, 1978, the Art of…
212 ID 1013132 / Irena
Translator from Bulgarian, English, Italian, Latvian, Russian - Irena
Translator from Bulgarian, English, Italian, Latvian, Russian. Higher linguistic education. I work as a professional translator at conferences, exhibitions, seminars, ...

Our Russian-speaking translators in Sydney will provide you with competent, certified services and provide you with a consecutive translation during negotiations, seminars, trainings, work at assembly sites, with participation in presentations, exhibitions, and also for accompaniment in medical institutions in Sydney. Our translators are fluent in Russian, English and German, have extensive experience at exhibitions and during business negotiations in and around Sydney.

General profile translator

This type of translation service is widely used to solve standard tasks such as shopping, escorting in Sydney, excursions, visiting restaurants, visiting museums, walking around the city, visiting government agencies (for example, the registrar or office for foreigners), executing your errands (purchasing sim cards , concert tickets, movie tickets), etc. This type of translation is not expensive, but at the same time very high quality and suitable for solving many standard tasks.


Economic profile translator

Are you going to an exhibition or conference in Sydney? Often there is a need to negotiate on an economic topic with partners, in which case you will need a translator with knowledge of economic terms and experience in negotiating business, consulting, supplies and logistics. Our translator with an economic bias will help you successfully negotiate a contract for the supply of products, while discussing logistics and customs. Or are you planning to buy a car in Sydney? If you are planning a business meeting, in this case our business translators are always ready to come to your aid.


Technical profile translator

If your conversation is technical, it makes sense to order a translator with a technical education. Our technical translator in Sydney will accompany you when visiting factories, factories, during trainings and specialized training, installation and setting up equipment, conducting technical audits, commissioning and test work, as well as on assembly sites. During conferences and seminars on technical topics, we also provide the services of an experienced technical translator. Electronics, construction, aviation, cosmonautics are very relevant today - these areas of science and technology are developing at a rapid pace, our translator in Sydney is ready to escort you to a company or a scientific and technical organization.


Medical translator and interprter

Sydney is undoubtedly famous for the quality of medical care and for its best clinics and hospitals, when visiting them, often there is a need such as medical support. Our medical translator in Sydney will professionally accompany you from registration at the clinic, during examination, diagnosis, to outpatient treatment and therapy. If necessary, our medical translator in Sydney can also be present during special procedures. In the case of more complex treatment, our medical translator for surgery will be able to accompany you to the most difficult situations.  


Legal profile translator

To buy real estate and when visiting notaries and government agencies (courts, ministries, tax committees), there is often a need for a legal translator. Our translator will provide you with a competent legal translation at affordable prices. Since legal translation may affect the successful execution of your cases, our translators need detailed preparation for the meeting, so we ask you to provide the necessary material in advance for 1-2 the day before the appointment.


Translator for exhibitions

Если Вы планируете выставлять стенд Вашей компании на выставке в Сиднее, то наиболее подходящий вариант - это воспользоваться услугами нашего переводчика-стендиста - в своем большинстве это переводчики девушки (при необходимости предоставляем и переводчиков мужчин), обладающие безупречной внешностью, деловитостью, отличающиеся особой симпатией, обаятельностью, чувством юмора и опытом работы на выставочных стендах. Наш Переводчик для выставок в Сиднее так же сопроводит Вас на деловом ужине или официальном приеме с Вашими партнерами. Для проведения успешных переговоров с немецкими партнерами важно помнить, что даже каждая мелочь может влиять на ход событий. Мы понимаем это и предоставим Вам переводчика, который безупречно владеет немецким и русским языками и прекрасно понимает менталитет Вашего партнера. 


Simutaneous- and Conference interpreters

Every year in Sydney, dozens of major conferences and exhibitions take place, during which simultaneous interpretation is required (Russian-German or German-Russian) with the use of special equipment for simultaneous interpretation. This type of translation is the most difficult of all types of translation. If the event is international, then a Russian-English or English-Russian simultaneous translator is required. For individual translation at seminars and conferences, we also provide translation in a whisper (shuhotazh, whispering, subsynchronization).  



Our Translation Bureau also provides translation services in Sydney. We specialize in several types of translation - technical translation, medical translation, economic translation in Sydney. In the technical field, we translate specifications, drawings, sketches, scientific articles, studies, annotations, test and test results, patents, explanatory notes. In the medical field, we translate the medical history, diagnosis, discharge from the clinic, prescriptions, invoices, invitations, characteristics, test results, etc. In the economic sphere, we translate business plans, annual and quarterly reports, accounting records, extracts from the trade register, cost estimates founding agreements and contracts.  


Clinics in Sydney with translation services

  • Sussex Day Surgery Clinic, Sydney
  • Sydney Eye Hospital, Sydney
  • Sydney Hospital, Sydney
  • Sydney IVF Day Surgery Clinic, Sydney
  • Sydney Oculoplastic Surgery Clinic, Sydney
  • Sydney Retina Clinic & Day Surgery, Sydney


Exhibitions in Sydney for which translation services are provided

  • ADX 2018 - Dental Exhibition, Sydney
  • For Film's Sake (FFS) 2018 - International Women's Film Festival, Sydney
  • Fitness Show Sydney 2018 - Exhibition of products for sports and fitness, Sydney
  • Caravan, Camping, RV and Holiday Supershow 2018 - International exhibition of vans, trailers and caravans, Sydney
  • ARBS 2018 - Heating, Air Conditioning and Building Technology Exhibition, Sydney
  • CebIT Australia 2018 - International Exhibition for IT, Telecommunications, Software and Services, Sydney
  • GPCE Sydney 2018 - General Medical Practice Exhibition and Conference, Sydney
  • Timber & Working with Wood Show. Sydney 2018 - Woodworking Machinery & Technology Show, Sydney
  • Hair Expo Australia 2018 - International Hair Care Products Exhibition, Sydney
  • Craft & Quilt Fair. Sydney 2018 - Handicraft & Quilt Show, Sydney
  • The Good Food & Wine Show. Sydney 2018 - Food and Beverage Show, Sydney
  • Security Expo Sydney 2018 - Security Exhibition and Conference, Sydney
  • JAA Australian Jewelery Fair 2018 - Jewelery and Accessories Exhibition, Sydney
  • Reed Gift Fairs Sydney. Autumn 2018 - International Specialized Exhibition of Gifts and Souvenirs, Sydney
  • Beauty Expo Australia 2018 - International Beauty and Spa Industry Show, Sydney
  • Luxperience 2018 - Empirical Traveling Exhibition, Sydney
  • Safety in Action Sydney 2018 - Safety and Health Exhibition, Sydney


How to find and order a translator and interpreter in Sydney?

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