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Translators and interpreters in Patras - Russian, Greek and English Translation

You are going to Patras and you need an interpreter with knowledge of Russian, Greek and English languages ​​and local features? We will be happy to assist you in this matter. Here you can find a translator and interpreter in Patras for your requirements to work at exhibitions, symposia, hospitals or to communicate with business partners.

16254 ID 17119 / Olga
Certified medical interpreter - accompanying in clinics during examination, diagnosis, treatment, childbirth and operations - Olga
Certified Medical Interpreter - accompanies in clinics during examination, diagnosis, treatment, childbirth and operations. She repeatedly accompanied patients in leading clinics of the country, ...
15790 ID 23752 / Roman
Interpreter of wide specialization for Russian-speaking guests
Interpreter broad specialization for Russian-speaking guests from the CIS countries. Certified interpreter with work experience over 8 years. I would be happy to assist in ensuring your comfortable stay and…
16348 ID 793490 / Anastasia
Interpreter for work on the stand, as a promotional staff - Anastasia
Promoter, interpreter for exhibition stand. Presents services of promotional staff at exhibition stands and in advertising campaigns. Higher linguistic education, linguist, teacher of two ...

Price estimate, Greece

Interpretation at celebrations (registry office, wedding) from 25 € / hour, 190 € / day *
Tour interpretation, guide from 25 € / hour, 190 € / day *
Interpretation at the exhibition from 29 € / hour, 220 € / day *
Interpretation in negotiations from 29 € / hour, 220 € / day *
Medical interpretation (in clinic) from 35 € / hour, 270 € / day *
Technical interpretation from 35 € / hour, 270 € / day *
Promotional staff (on stand) from 29 € / hour, 220 € / day *
Judicial interpretation (police, court, etc) from 39 € / hour, 310 € / day *
Interpretation at presentations from 45 € / hour, 350 € / day *
Interpretation by a notary from 45 € / hour, 350 € / day *
Interpretation at a seminar, training from 49 € / hour, 380 € / day *
Interpretation of press conferences from 49 € / hour, 380 € / day *
Simultaneous interpretation (conference, seminar) from 55 € / hour, 420 € / day *
Rent of equipment for simultaneous interpretation negotiable
Appointment of a meeting with doctors, lawyers from 25 € per meeting
Translation by phone (Skype, phone) 1 € / minute + 15 € per connection
Meeting at the airport, transfer negotiable
  • Minimum order - 2 hours for departure
  • For evening orders (after 21: 00), the customer pays a taxi for the interpreter.
  • Urgent orders (for 24 hours) - 20% surcharge.
  • Payment methods: cash, non-cash transfer (ruble, euro), credit card, paypal, Yandex money.
  • If necessary, provided reporting documents (receipt, act).
  • * - prices may vary depending on the availability of the interpreter and a volume of requested services

Interpretation of general subjects in Patras

We provide high-level interpretation services in Patras for legal, corporate, medical and other events. Translator and interpreter in Patrach - Russian, Polish, EnglishIf you need consecutive or simultaneous interpretation, certified interpreters are ready to provide you with their services, even in the shortest possible time. All interpreters have a higher specialized education, are seriously selected by our specialists and are specialized. It doesn’t matter what purpose you come in for - buying property, renting a yacht or business negotiations - every interpreter undergoes thorough training and testing for knowledge of the protocol and ethics before they start working with us. We have a network of more than 1000 interpreters, which guarantees you a specialized interpreter at affordable prices anywhere in Europe.

Judicial and legal interpreters

In case you need to participate in the court session, we will also provide you with certified and legal translators and interpreters in Patras for translation of court speeches. Our Russian-speaking translator and interpreter in Patras is thoroughly prepared and has extensive experience in legal practice, impeccable knowledge of languages ​​and translation skills in the relevant subject. Our linguists are punctual, professionally dressed and fully informed about the relevant topics of your question.

Corporate Business Translation

Corporate clients can rely on our team of interpreters during business meetings, presentations, recruitment, conferences and seminars, as well as meetings with specific clients. Our professional translators and interpreters in Patras have deep knowledge, experience and interpersonal skills, which allows you to transfer information exactly in accordance with the cultural characteristics of the target language. We can provide full on-site service, including, if necessary, the selection, delivery, installation and disassembly of simultaneous equipment, thereby you can fully concentrate on your event, and delegate us to the organization of translation issues.

Medical translation

To work in clinics and sanatoriums, we will provide you with a medical translator and interpreter in Patras, who will accompany you to the clinic throughout the treatment and diagnosis. Interpreters prepare in advance according to the material provided to them and come to the meeting already prepared on the subject of your diagnosis. If necessary, the interpreter can sign you up for an appointment, as well as translate your medical reports and medical history into Greek for submission to a medical institution.

Technical interpretation

In case your event in Patras is of a technical nature, then we will take care to provide you with the services of our interpreter with a technical bias. We work in the field of construction, installation, oil and gas and other engineering fields.

Telephone translation and teleconference translation

Lingohaus offers translation services during telephone conversations, as well as video and teleconferencing from Greek, English and Russian.

The list of exhibitions in Patras for which translation services are provided:

  • Furnidec Business - International Furniture Industry Exhibition
  • Freskon - International Exhibition of Fresh Vegetables and Fruits
  • Gourmet Olive & Delicacies Exhibition - International Exhibition of Olives, Olive Oil and Delicacies
  • Careers in White Thessaloniki - Career in a white coat
  • Gourmet Exhibition International Food Exhibition
  • KASTORIA International - International Exhibition of Leather and Fur Products
  • Thessaloniki Book Fair International Book Fair in Patras
  • Beauty Macedonia Specialized Exhibition of Cosmetic Industry
  • Nanotexnology - International Exhibition-Conference of Organic Electronics and Nanotechnologies
  • Thessaloniki International Fair - International Trade Fair for Consumer & Industrial Goods
  • Art Thessaloniki International Contemporary Art Fair International Contemporary Art Exhibition

How to find and order a translator and interpreter in Patras?

You have already found a translator and interpreter in Patrach. In order to order an interpreter it is enough to call our manager at the number below, or fill out our pre-order interpreter form. Our manager will contact you in the next few hours and discuss in detail the terms of cooperation with you.

Contact us to book an interpreter:

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Phone: +7 843 215 15 07

Email: support@lingohaus.com


Support service

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