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Translators and interpreters in Maastricht - Russian, Dutch, English.

Experienced translators and interpreters in Maastricht in general, medical, technical, economic, as well as legal. Our specialization: Russian-Dutch, Dutch-Russian, Russian-English, English-translator and interpreter in Maastricht.

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Business translator and interpreter in banking and finance - Alevtina
Business translator and interpreter in banking and finance. Practical knowledge of business processes, workflow, terminology, Russian and Western corporate culture. Subject transfers: banking ...
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Medical interpreter
Medical translator and interpreter in the clinic during examination, treatment or rehabilitation. He has higher medical and economic education. He has many years of experience in the field of medicine and services ...
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Translators and interpreters in Moscow
Simultaneous translator and interpreter in the field of culture, education, architecture and construction with higher philological education. Experience over 5 years. Interpreter of the project on the product line ...

If you are going to Maastricht and you need a translator and interpreter in Maastricht to visit the exhibition, business negotiations or clinic, then we offer the most effective solution to this issue. Instead of taking an interpreter to Maastricht with you, paying for a visa, insurance, air tickets and accommodation for an interpreter while you work, you can use the services of our professional translators and interpreters in Maastricht. Our translator and interpreter in Maastricht works in pairs of Russian-Dutch, Dutch-Russian, Russian-English, English-Russian, Dutch-Kazakh, Dutch-Ukrainian, Dutch-Uzbek, etc. For special orders, we provide interpreters who speak both Russian and Russian. German and English. All interpreters are carefully selected by our experts and have extensive experience in exhibitions, business negotiations and support in medical institutions.

Our Russian-speaking translators and interpreters in Maastricht will provide you with competent, certified services and provide you with consecutive translation in Maastricht during negotiations, seminars, trainings, work on assembly sites, with participation in presentations, exhibitions, as well as for accompaniment in medical institutions in Maastricht and its surroundings . Our interpreters are fluent in Russian, English and German, have extensive experience at exhibitions and during business negotiations in Maastricht and its surroundings.

General profile translator and interpreter in Maastricht: This type of translation service is widely used to solve standard tasks, such as shopping in Maastricht, escorting in Maastricht, excursions, visiting restaurants, translating during a visit to Oktoberfest, visiting museums, walking around the city, visiting government offices in Maastricht (for example, the registry office or foreign affairs), fulfillment of your instructions (sim card purchase, concert tickets, movie tickets), etc. This type of translation is not expensive, but at the same time very high-quality and suitable for solving many standard yy tasks.

Economic profile translator and interpreter in Maastricht: Are you going to an exhibition or conference in Maastricht? There is often a need to negotiate on an economic topic with partners in Maastricht, in which case you will need an interpreter with knowledge of economic terms and experience in negotiating business, consulting, supplies and logistics. Our interpreter with an economic bias will help you successfully negotiate a contract for the supply of products, while discussing logistics and customs. Or are you planning to buy a car in Maastricht? If you are planning a business meeting in Maastricht, in this case our business interpreters are always ready to come to your aid.

Technical profile translator and interpreter in Maastricht: If your conversation is technical, it makes sense to order an interpreter with a technical education. Our technical translator and interpreter in Maastricht will accompany you when visiting factories, factories, training and specialized training, equipment installation and tuning, technical audit, commissioning and test work, as well as on assembly sites in Maastricht and its surroundings. During conferences and seminars on technical topics, we also provide the services of an experienced technical interpreter. Electronics, construction, aviation, astronautics are very relevant today in Maastricht - these areas of science and technology are developing at a rapid pace, our translator and interpreter in Maastricht is ready to accompany you to a company or a scientific and technical organization.

Medical profile translator and interpreter in Maastricht: Maastricht is undoubtedly famous for the quality of medical care and for its best clinics and hospitals, when visiting them, there is often a need such as medical support in Maastricht. Our medical profile translator and interpreter in Maastricht will accompany you professionally, from registration at the clinic, during examination, diagnosis, to outpatient treatment and therapy. If necessary, our medical translator and interpreter in Maastricht may also be present during special procedures. In the case of more complex treatment, our medical interpreter for an operation in Maastricht will be able to accompany you to the most difficult situations. Our 24-hour translator and interpreter in Maastricht is also at your service. If it is required to have a medical interpreter around the clock in the clinic, then we provide several translators and interpreters in three shifts. If necessary, our interpreters will provide you with a translation in Maastricht (diagnosis, discharge from the clinic) into Russian / Dutch.

Legal Translator and interpreter in Maastricht: To buy real estate and when visiting notaries and government agencies (courts, ministries, tax committees), there is often a need for a legal interpreter. Our translator and interpreter in Maastricht will provide you with a competent legal translation at affordable prices. Since legal translation may affect the successful execution of your cases, our interpreters need detailed preparation for the meeting, so we ask you to provide the necessary material in advance for 1-2 the day before the appointment.

Interpreter-standist in Maastricht: If you are planning to exhibit your company's booth at an exhibition in Maastricht, then the most suitable option is to use the services of our stand-interpreter - for the most part these are female interpreters (if necessary, we also provide male interpreters) with flawless appearance, efficiency, and special sympathy charm, sense of humor and experience at the exhibition stands. Our stand-translator and interpreter in Maastricht will also accompany you at a business dinner or an official reception with your partners. For successful negotiations with German partners, it is important to remember that even every little thing can influence the course of events. We understand this and will provide you with a translator and interpreter in Maastricht, who is fluent in German and Russian and understands the mentality of your partner.

Simutaneous interpretation in Maastricht: Dozens of major conferences and exhibitions take place in Maastricht every year, during which simultaneous interpretation is almost always required in Maastricht (Russian-Dutch or Dutch-Russian) using special equipment for simultaneous interpretation. This type of translation is the most difficult of all types of translation. If the event is international, then a Russian-English or English-Russian simultaneous interpreter is required in Maastricht. For individual translation at seminars and conferences, we also provide translation in a whisper in Maastricht (shishotazh, whispering, subsynchronization). Our translation agency will provide you with a simultaneous translator and interpreter in Maastricht for a conference or seminar in both language combinations. Also, if necessary, we provide equipment for simultaneous interpretation in Maastricht, which you can order directly from our office. To coordinate the work of several interpreters at the event, we provide a project manager for the coordination of translators and interpreters in Maastricht. The equipment is selected depending on the characteristics of the room and the number of participants - you can get detailed advice on this matter from us. We guarantee punctuality and business etiquette of our employees. Our Translation Agency provides simultaneous interpretation services in and around Maastricht. We have a staff of highly qualified simultaneous translators and interpreters in Maastricht. All our interpreters are proven experts with successful experience at events held at the highest level in Maastricht. The interpreters of our bureau are divided into specialized topics, and, accordingly, are fluent in the necessary vocabulary, very erudite, have pleasant voices and know how to competently build a speech.

Translation in Maastricht: Our Translation Bureau also provides translation services in Maastricht. We specialize in several types of translation - technical translation, medical translation, economic translation, certified translation in Maastricht. In the technical field, we translate specifications, drawings, sketches, scientific articles, studies, annotations, test and test results, patents, explanatory notes. In the medical field, we translate the medical history, diagnosis, discharge from the clinic, prescriptions, invoices, invitations, characteristics, test results, etc. In the economic sphere, we translate business plans, annual and quarterly reports, accounting records, extracts from the trade register, cost estimates founding agreements and contracts. Also, for residents of the beautiful city and its surroundings, we provide certified translation in Maastricht, we translate and certify birth certificates, marriage certificates, passports, income certificates and much more.

We are also ready to provide you with a translator and interpreter in Maastricht of the above directions as a matter of urgency, at any time of the day. Our translators and interpreters in Maastricht also have cars of different classes that can provide you with a convenient and profitable combination of transfer and translation services at the same time.

Clinics in Maastricht with translation services available:

  • University Hospital Academic Hospital Maastricht Academisch ziekenhuis Maastricht (AZM) in Maastricht
  • Clinic Hair Science Institute in the center of Maastricht
  • Clinic Fysiotherapie Augenbroe in Maastricht
  • Oogziekenhuis Maastricht UMC Clinic in Maastricht
  • Clinic Audiologisch Centrum, Maastricht UMC + in Maastricht
  • Maastro Clinic Maastricht
  • TravelClinicPdeBeer Maastricht Clinic

Exhibitions in Maastricht for which translation services are available:

  • UTECH Europe, International Conference and Exhibition for the Polyurethane Industry in Maastricht
  • TEFAF, The European Fine Art Fair, International Exhibition of Antiques and Painting. in maastricht
  • FISITA, World Automotive Congress, Automotive World Congress in Maastricht

Fees for translation services in Maastricht:

The cost of the services of our translators and interpreters in Maastricht is based on an hourly schedule and depends on the translation profile (general translation, medical translation, technical translation, economic translation, legal translation, simultaneous interpretation). We work at not expensive, reasonable prices. Below are our prices in Euros:

The minimum order for translation services is 3 hours per day. The cost of translation services includes transport costs of an interpreter within the city of Maastricht. In case you attend a paid event (exhibition, conference, club, etc.), then you need to pay an entrance ticket for the interpreter. For long-term orders (2-3 or more days) prices for translation services in Maastricht are set depending on the volume and complexity of work, languages ​​and the nature of the urgency of orders. In any case, when ordering from 3's or more days, our Translation Bureau will pleasantly surprise you with its discounts. For urgent orders of an interpreter (order less than 24 hours), the cost of services increases by 20%.

Send us your requirements and wishes (translation profile, translation languages, number of working days, personal requirements for the interpreter) through application formWe will reply to you as soon as possible.

Lingohaus Translation Bureau provides favorable conditions for work and high quality translation services. Since we have been specializing in translations for many years, every our translator and interpreter in Maastricht undergoes a serious selection and is thus a professional. Exhibition, conference, business negotiations, private meeting, visits to doctors and clinics - all this is in our competence. We reliably and correctly execute your order. We also provide written and certified translation services in Maastricht.

Call, write, we will discuss the conditions and find the optimal solution! We work seven days a week, all over Maastricht and its surroundings.

Payment methods for interpreter services in Maastricht:

  • in cash
  • non-cash payment
  • PayPal, Webmoney, Yandex-money, Western Union

We value our customers and provide exceptionally high quality service. We will provide a translator and interpreter in Maastricht, Hanover, Stuttgart, Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Bremen, Maastricht, Frankfurt, Nuremberg, Essen and many other cities in Germany and Europe.

How to find and order a translator and interpreter in Maastricht?

You have already found a translator and interpreter in Maastricht. In order to order a translator and interpreter in Maastricht, simply call our manager at the number below, or fill out our interpreter pre-order form. Our manager will contact you in the next few hours and discuss in detail the terms of cooperation with you. Everything is very easy, fast and convenient.

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