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Translators and interpreters in Gliwice, Poland

A professional translator and interpreter in Gliwice will accompany you at the exhibition, in the clinic, conference, seminar, the selection and purchase of real estate, tours, business negotiations, in state and educational institutions. Simultaneous interpretation in Gliwice at conferences, seminars and forums.

Professional consecutive translators and interpreters in Gliwice from Russian, Polish and English. Escort in Gliwice at meetings of any level. All interpreters are professionals, have higher education, work experience, diplomas and certificates. Accompanying and translating throughout Poland.

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Approximate prices for translation services in Poland:

Support at the exhibition, business negotiations from 25, - € / hour *
Medical interpreter (at the consultation in the clinic) from 29, - € / hour*
Technical Interpreter (for technical negotiation) from 29, - € / hour*
Interpreter at a seminar, training (consecutive) from 39, - € / hour*
Simultaneous interpreter (for conferences and seminars), without equipment from 69, - € / hour*
Appointment of a meeting (by phone) with partners, doctors, lawyers from 25, - € / call
Telephone interpretation services (Skype conference, phone call) 1, - € / min + 15€ per call
Meeting at the airport, transfer, assistance in accommodation by dogvor
  • The cost is indicated for orientation when ordering from two full days
  • Minimum order - 2 hours per order (interpretation)
  • For evening orders (after 21: 00), the customer pays the cost of a taxi for the interpreter.
  • Urgent orders (24 hours before the start) - 20% surcharge.
  • Payment methods: cash, bank transfer, credit card, paypal
  • A receipt and other required documents are provided.
  • * - prices may vary depending on the availability of the interpreter and a volume of requested services

How to find and order a translator and interpreter in Gliwice?

If you need an interpreter, you can Book a translator and interpreter in Gliwice filling out the pre-order form. Our manager will contact you in the next few hours and discuss in detail the terms of cooperation with you.

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