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Translators and interpreters in Birmingham 

В случае, если Вам необходим устный переводчик с английского или русского в Бирмингеме, то наши опытные специалисты придут к Вам на помощь. Все наши переводчики в Великобритании имеют высшее образование и многолетний опыт работы. Ко всему прочему добавляется профессиональный вид, очень тактичны и обходительны, что придаст серьезность Вашей организации. 

31367 ID 28346 / Alexander
alex english slovenian portuguese spanish russian interpreter translator Business translator for business negotiations, visiting banks - English, Portuguese, Spanish, Slovenian, Russian - Alexander
Business translator for business negotiations, visits to banks, factories and plants. English, Portuguese, Spanish, Slovenian, Russian. Work experience over 10 years. Translated on orders many times ...
15688 ID 38958 / Gulf
Interpreter for diplomatic negotiations with the participation of Islamic representatives - Zalva
Provides translation services mainly at meetings with representatives from Islamic countries. Languages: English, Arabic, Turkish, Indonesian, Chinese, Russian. She worked in various ...
15594 ID 15407 / Ilya
Interpreter for sporting events and negotiations - Ilya
Interpreter with 8 years of experience in the field of sports and business negotiations. Performs oral consecutive and simultaneous interpretations from English, German, Dutch, French, Russian ...
752 ID 12972 / Denis
Professional translator in London
Professional translator in Birmingham from 40 Euro per hour Professional translator in Birmingham from Russian and English. Higher education. Topics: economic, technical, medical ...
626 ID 731536 / Anastasia
Translator in Aarhus, Denmark - Russian, English, Spanish. From 60 € per hour or 350 € per day.
Translator in Birmingham, UK - Russian, English, Spanish. From 49 € per hour or 300 € per day. Professional interpreter of Russian, English and Spanish. Topics: ...
536 ID 372935 / Albina
Translator in Birmingham, United Kingdom - Russian, English, Lithuanian. From 29 € per hour or 220 € per day.
Translator in Birmingham, United Kingdom - Russian, English, Lithuanian. From 29 € per hour or 220 € per day. Translator with higher economic and psychological education. Living in the UK ...
532 ID 28456 / Julia
Translator and interpreter in Birmingham
Qualified translator in Birmingham from 40 Euro per hour Julia (ID: 28456). Qualified translator in Birmingham with extensive experience, a member of the Institute of Linguists (London). Has a higher ...

16409 ID 998416 / Ilona
ilona bulgarian khmer german italian arabic russian interpreter translator Working languages: Bulgarian, Khmer, German, Italian, Arabic, Russian.
Sworn translator for work in notary offices, courts and police stations. Working languages: Bulgarian, Khmer, German, Italian, Arabic, Russian... Higher linguistic ...
31592 ID 5647382 / Anastasia
anastasia spanish french norwegian russian romanian interpreter translator Medical translator for accompanying in the clinic - Spanish, French, English, Russian, Romanian, Norwegian - Anastasia
Medical translator and interpreter at the clinic during examination, treatment or rehabilitation. Translation languages: Spanish, French, English, Russian, Romanian, Norwegian... Higher medical and economic ...
30970 ID 4738291 / Yanuca
januka english japanese german spanish russian interpreter translator Ecology and biology translator - English, Japanese, Chinese, German, Spanish, Russian - Yanuca
Interpreter with higher education in the field of ecology, biology and medicine. Languages: English, Japanese, Chinese, German, Spanish, Russian... Has over 10 scientific publications. She lives in the country ...
22 ID 1013134 / Nona
Translator and interpreter from Polish, Spanish, Italian, Russian, English
Translator from Polish, Spanish, Italian, Russian, English An experienced translator with a higher economic and linguistic education. Polyglot. Work experience as a translator over 13 ...
16529 ID 40485 / Oksana
Licensed translator with two university entities, Ph.D. in Philology - Oksana
Licensed interpreter to accompany on difficult negotiations and hearings (in court, police, trembling, etc.). Two university education, candidate of philological sciences. Accompanied by ...
25722 ID 936526 / Unna
unna hindi tamil sinhala vietnamese english russian interpreter translator Working languages: Hindi, Tamil, Sinhala, Vietnamese, English, Russian.
Legal translator to accompany the notary during the sale and purchase of real estate and other property. Working languages: Hindi, Tamil, Sinhalese, Vietnamese, English, Russian. ...

Cost of translation services in the UK, prices 

Interpretation at celebrations (registry office, wedding) from 35 € / hour, 280 € / day *
Tour interpretation, guide from 35 € / hour, 280 € / day *
Interpretation at the exhibition from 39 € / hour, 310 € / day *
Interpretation in negotiations from 39 € / hour, 310 € / day *
Medical interpretation (in clinic) from 45 € / hour, 350 € / day *
Technical interpretation from 45 € / hour, 350 € / day *
Promotional staff (on stand) from 39 € / hour, 310 € / day *
Judicial interpretation (police, court, etc) from 49 € / hour, 380 € / day *
Interpretation at presentations from 55 € / hour, 450 € / day *
Interpretation by a notary from 55 € / hour, 450 € / day *
Interpretation at a seminar, training from 59 € / hour, 480 € / day *
Interpretation of press conferences from 59 € / hour, 480 € / day *
Simultaneous interpretation (conference, seminar) from 79 € / hour, 619 € / day *
Rent of equipment for simultaneous interpretation negotiable
Appointment of a meeting with doctors, lawyers from 25 € per meeting
Phone and video interpreters (Skype, phone) 1 € / minute + 15 € per connection
Meeting at the airport, transfer negotiable
  • Minimum order - 2 hours for departure
  • For evening orders (after 21: 00), the customer pays a taxi for the translator.
  • Urgent orders (for 24 hours) - 20% surcharge.
  • Payment methods: cash, wire transfer (ruble, euro), credit card, paypal, yandex-money.
  • If necessary, provided reporting documents (receipt, act).
  • * - prices may vary depending on the availability of the interpreter and a volume of requested services





Lingohaus translators are carefully selected by our specialists and thus guarantee the high quality of interpretation. In addition, each translator undergoes thorough training and Birminghamtesting for knowledge of the protocol and communication etiquette before they begin to cooperate with us. Our team consists of 18 qualified translators in Birmingham, which allows us to quickly select a specialized translator for you and reduce transportation costs and temporary losses during urgent orders. You can book an interpreter for 48 hours before the start of your event and, if necessary, change or remove your reservation. 

Types of translation services provided

We provide consecutive translation, simultaneous interpretation and jingling. Each type of translation has its own purpose. Consecutive interpreting in Birmingham is used during visits to business negotiations, consultations in the clinic, in-person meetings, while accompanying at the exhibition and going to institutions. Simultaneous interpretation in Birmingham is used exclusively at events with a large number of participants - at a conference, at a symposium, congress, seminar - where translation is required simultaneously for the entire audience. Misery in Birmingham is used in cases where the situation allows the translator to whisper the translation to one or several participants sequentially or simultaneously. 


Translation Specialization 

Depending on the subject of your event in Birmingham, we provide the opportunity to choose a translator profile. A specialized translator in Birmingham will provide you with a quality translation. Our team is a medical translator, technical translator, economic translator. Our translators have experience in a wide range of fields - medicine, automotive, petroleum industry, tourism and travel, journalism, media, biology, chemistry, politics, economics, science and technology, religion, transport, architecture, sports, veterinary, and much more. Many of our translators in Great Britain have advanced degrees in various fields and are ready to provide you with highly specialized translation services.

Quality control of interpretation

Quality is the most important aspect of interpretation. We have developed an independent quality assurance system - which, on the one hand, is based on providing the most detailed material to our translator before each order and on customer feedback on the other. This allows us to guarantee the high quality of our services and to eliminate as much as possible translators who do not allow us to maintain our standards.

Security and Privacy

All our translators comply with the basic requirements of security and confidentiality regarding everything heard and seen at the event. The translator does not have the right to extract any benefit from the information obtained in the course of his professional activities.

Clinics in Birmingham with interpreter services 


  • Clinic Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham
  • University Hospital University Hospitals Birmingham NHS
  • Children's Clinic Birmingham Birmingham Children's Hospital
  • Birmingham General Hospital
  • Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospitals
  • Birmingham Accident Hospital
  • City Hospital, Birmingham
  • Spire parkway hospital
  • Selly oak hospital
  • Monyhull hospital
  • Brooklands Hospital
  • The Birmingham Womens Hospital
  • Woodbourne priory hospital
  • Orthopedic clinic The Royal Orthopedic Hospital



Exhibitions in Birmingham for which translation services are provided 


  • Commercial Vehicle Show - Commercial Vehicle Show
  • The Dentistry Show - International Dental Exhibition
  • Farm Shop & Deli Show - Международная специализированная выставка продуктов питания и напитков
  • Traffex - International Trade Fair for Traffic Control Systems, Road Safety and Highway Maintenance
  • IWEX - Water Management Exhibition
  • Sustainability Live - Environmental Technology Exhibition
  • Parkex - International Exhibition of Services and Materials for Construction, Equipment and Parking Services
  • Multimodal - International Exhibition and Conference on Multimodal Transport, Logistics and Transport
  • Naidex - Exhibition of equipment, products and services for people with disabilities and the older generation
  • The Baby Show Birmingham - Children's Products Exhibition
  • Subcon - Exhibition of Contracting and Subcontracting
  • Coach & Bus Live - Выставка автобусов, коммерческого транспорта и логистики
  • Mach Exhibition - Industrial Technology
  • Food & Drink Expo - Выставка продуктов питания и напитков
  • IMHX - International Logistics Systems Exhibition


Payment methods for translator services in Birmingham

    • cash payment
    • Bank transaction,
    • credit card (Visa, Master)
    • PayPal, Webmoney, Yandex-money, Western Union

How to find and order a translator in Birmingham?

You can order an interpreter using the online booking system, or by calling us by phone. Our manager will contact you in the next few hours and discuss in detail the terms of cooperation with you.  


Contact us to book an interpreter:

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Email: support@lingohaus.com

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