Job assignments for interpreters and translators worldwide

Here you will find new job assignments from businesses, organisations and private persons that require interpreting and translation services. The list is updated daily. Feel free to apply or send your quotes per email to, indicating the exact assignment number and attaching your CV. If not done yet, please Register to create your profile. To get daily instant notifications you can join the Facebook group.

City Country Language Topic Type of job Start Duration Extra information Order No. Status
Munich Germany Russian English German Documents Registration of marriage (registry office) 19/08/2022 2 hours per day German to English or Russian. I will need Gerichtsdolmetscher in KVR in Munich (Pasing) for marrige registration on 19th August at 8-00 (am). whatsapp +79686479227 Thanks Ilya 1654466 Open
Sarajevo Bosnia Russian English Tourism and travel Interview 12/08/2022 2 hours per day Interpreting from Russian into English is required at the US Embassy in Sarajevo 9336666 Open
Newcastle, Sydney Australia Russian English General topics Celebration / Holiday 16/09/2022 10 hours per day My family (6 people) is coming to Australia for my wedding, which will take place on September 17, 2022. They need a Russian-English translator for September 16 and 17 during the wedding events - about 1.5-2 days. 4896964 Open
London United Kingdom Russian English Building Business negotiations 15/08/2022 8 hours per day Translation from English into Russian/Ukrainian at business meetings from 15.08 to 17.08.2022. Conducting negotiations and meetings in the field of construction of metal structures 7561225 Open
Tbilisi Georgia Russian English Jurisprudence Seminar or conference 26/09/2022 8 hours per day Translators 6 people English/Russian translation for simultaneous interpretation. Conference 26,27,28.09.22 Can you offer translation equipment? 2736315 Open
Antalya Ukraine Russian / Turkish Marketing Presentation 16/08/2022 3 hours per day Good afternoon! need simultaneous interpretation English-Turkish-Russian 16.08 for 2-3 hours. 2348632 Open
Chambéry France Russian / French Immigration Other 09/08/2022 2 hours per day Good afternoon, I need a translation from French into Russian and vice versa, escort to a real estate agency, etc. 8369466 Open
Vienna Austria Russian English General topics Interview 09/08/2022 2 hours per day Hello, we are from Ukraine, we really need an interpreter to the US Embassy for a couple of hours. The interview is scheduled for August 9 at 13.30. We are currently in Vienna. We know Russian and Ukrainian. I'm interested in the price, and are you available at the time we need from 13.00 to 15.00 Thank you. 9995691 Open
Prague Czech Republic Russian / Czech Cosmetics, perfumery, fashion Training / Training 17/08/2022 2 hours per day Good afternoon, I'm interested in a text translation from Russian into Czech, what is the cost of one page? I would also like to clarify if you make corrections to the texts? And also simultaneous interpretation? 7972997 Open
Krakow Poland Russian / Polish Subject not specified Other 23/08/2022 2 hours per day The presence of an interpreter is required at the US Embassy in Krakow for an interview for a US visa (for medicine) 1537895 Open
Bratislava Slovakia Russian English Documents Interview 09/08/2022 2 hours per day An interpreter from English into Russian is required for tomorrow at the Chinese Embassy in Bratislava. On 09.09. At 8:30 am to 11. 5632444 Open
Siderno Italy Russian / Italian Private Police transfer 11/08/2022 2 hours per day We will discuss the details from Russian to Italian by WhatsApp or Viber 2715341 Open
krakow Poland Russian English Immigration Interview 08/08/2022 2 hours per day translation from Russian into English, English into Russian interview at the US Embassy, ​​today is now urgently up to 12 o'clock. 9388947 Open
Gomel Belarus Russian English Documents Translation 08/08/2022 2 hours per day Hello, I urgently need to translate a power of attorney (2 pages) from Russian into English. Until 13:00 today. In Gomel, near the street. Pushkin. 9219738 Open
Bratislava Slovakia Russian / Chinese Subject not specified Other 09/08/2022 2 hours per day Need an escort to the Chinese Embassy in Bratislava. On 09.09 at 9:00 am. 2615191 Open
Bucharest Romania Russian English Immigration Interview 29/08/2022 2 hours per day An interpreter is required for the US Embassy in Bucharest (Russian-English) on 29.08 at 1.30. 1719297 Open
Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam Russian / Vietnamese Commerce Business negotiations 09/08/2022 2 hours per day need a translator for business meeting 3568982 Open
Remotely Russia Russian English Psychology Training / Training 10/08/2022 4 hours per day Write to whatsapp or telegram. 2444279 Open
vein Austria Russian English Tourism and travel Business negotiations 09/08/2022 2 hours per day Hello, I'm interested in a translator for 09.08 at the US Embassy in Vienna at 08-40 in the morning, can you? 8911146 Open
Erfurt Germany Russian German Documents Translation 01/09/2022 2 hours per day Translation of a birth certificate and a certificate of change of surname from Russian into German 8122281 Open