Frequently asked questions for translators


For whom is the service suitable?

  • For interpreters;
  • For translators;
  • For guides (guides);
  • For students and other people who have a good command of two or more languages.


How does the service work?

  • You register for free on our account, indicating information about the competence, experience and cost of services;
  • After checking the data, we create your profile;
  • You find the orders you are interested in. on the exchange of orders and apply for them
  • We forward your offers to the client and offer to book your services.
  • After the booking has taken place, we will immediately send you information about the order, with information about the payment. 
  • If you book an interpretation service, you meet with the client and provide him with an interpreter service. If the order is for written translation or for remote interpretation, you execute the order remotely.
  • After providing services, the client leaves a review about you, which is published on the portal.  



What services can I offer?

Through lingohaus, you can offer clients a wide variety of interpretation services in your city, including:

  • general interpreter services;
  • professional interpreter services;
  • shopping support services;
  • translation of excursions, guide services;
  • interpreter medical services;
  • interpreting at celebrations;
  • escort of individuals;
  • interpreting at the exhibition;
  • interpreting at negotiations;
  • interpreting for presentations;
  • interpreting an interview;
  • interpretation of press conferences;
  • oral court translation;
  • interpreting at a seminar or conference;
  • escort of delegations;
  • oral protocol translation;
  • execution of orders in your city.
  • written translation of texts, websites and documents



How to start receiving orders?

To get started, you need register as a translator. Registration is free and takes only 5 minutes. After registration is complete, your profile will be created on the site and customers will be able to send applications through your profile. Second step to receive orders is keeping track of the current list of applications on our stock exchange orders and submitting an application for fulfillment of orders of interest to you through the site. Please apply for orders only for your region, our customers do not consider paying for flights and accommodation in remote regions.


How often can I receive orders? 

The frequency of receiving orders depends on your qualifications and your desire to work. When registering, try to provide the most complete information: a professional photo, a full resume, your diplomas and other documents confirming your qualifications. Professional translators from big cities receive from us up to 30 orders per month.  



At what cost will my services be paid?

You independently choose the cost of your services, which is published in your profile. Depending on the region and qualifications, the cost of an interpreter's services ranges from 10 to 70 Euro per hour. As a rule, the minimum order is 2 hours a day for interpretation or 1 page (A4) for written translation, but there are exceptions. 


How do settlements occur? 

Our task is to attract potential customers to your profile. You do not pay the service for its services. The service adds a certain margin to the cost of your services as its fee. The customer pays this extra charge to our service or to you at the meeting. In case the customer pays the extra charge to you, then you transfer the commission to© after successful work with the client any method of payment convenient for you... If the order did not take place (when canceling the order), you do not have to pay anything. There are also cases when the customer pays for your services in full through our service. Then you need to invoice our company in English or German by this sample account. We will pay your bill within 7 days.


In which cities and countries does the service work? 

We work in all countries of the world and in all language combinations. There are more than 15 thousands of translators registered in our database and services are used by more than 7000 clients worldwide. We work with local translators, i.e. we exclude every possible expenses for flights and logistics. Please apply for orders only for your region, our customers do not consider paying for flights and accommodation in remote regions. Exceptions are orders for translation and remote interpretation services.


Is information confidentiality ensured? 

Undoubtedly. We ensure confidentiality and secure storage of your data. Your contact details are only passed on to the customer after the order is confirmed. Only your photo and competence are published on the site. Contact details and addresses are not published.



What is prohibited in cooperation with the service?

  • Send to order in place of another translator; 
  • Late for the meeting place;
  • To change the price of the order and other working conditions without written agreements with our managers;
  • To transfer information received during the execution of the order to third parties;
  • Check out to order, without prior contact with the client; 
  • Specify incorrect or invalid information in the profile;
  • Use the posted material site without the permission of the Administration;
  • Manipulate the site or its content;
  • Provide low-quality machine translation.



How to delete or edit a profile / profile on the site?

The site does not have a personal account. If you want to edit your profile, then write to with a description of what you want to change in your profile. If necessary, attach texts or photos to the message. To delete a profile, just write an empty message to the address from the address from which the profile was created, indicating your translator ID number in the message subject Editing and deleting profiles takes no more than 48 hours.


Have additional questions? 

Email support at, we will answer all your questions in order of priority. As a rule, the answer takes no more than 48 hours.