Interpreters and translators in Hungary - Hungarian, English, Russian, Polish, German, French, Italian, Chinese

Here you can order different services: translator in any city of Hungary. Our translators work in language combinations Russian, Hungarian and English. Provided by translators of a general, medical, technical, economic and legal profile. 


Interpreting at meetings and conferences

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All translators are carefully selected by our experts and have many years of experience at exhibitions, business negotiations, seminars, trainings, presentations and support in medical institutions. Sworn and court translators in Hungary for notarial transactions, marriage registration, litigation, opening a bank account. All translators are professionals with higher education, work experience, diplomas and certificates. Interpreter services at the US Embassy and Consulting in Hungary, as well as diplomatic departments of other countries.

36197 Muhamed
muhamed arabic turkish french german chinese russian interpreter translator Translator and interpreter in the field of literary and business translation - Arabic, Turkish, English, French, German, Chinese, Russian - Muhamed
Polyglot translator and interpreter in the field of literary and business translations. He graduated from the Pedagogical University and simultaneously studied several languages: Arabic, Turkish, English, French, German, ...
40601 ID 998418 / Farida
farida arabic uzbek turkish armenian kazakh russian english interpreter translator Working languages: Arabic, Uzbek, Turkish, Azerbaijani, Armenian, Kazakh, Russian.
Guide, interpreter and translator, personal assistant in business and tourist trips. Working languages: Arabic, Uzbek, Turkish, Azerbaijani, Armenian, Kazakh, Russian... Organizes excursions, ...
53468 ID 100287 / Michael
michael spanish italian english russian french interpreter translator Working languages: Spanish, Italian, English, Russian, French.
Translator and interpreter for public events, speeches and new product launches. Working languages: Spanish, Italian, English, Russian, French... Many years of experience, will accompany you to ...
45358 ID 24484 / Natalia
Medical translator - accompaniment in clinics during treatment and rehabilitation
Medical interpreter with great experience. Is engaged accompanying patients in clinics, if necessary, arranging the arrival of the patient and selecting the clinic. Experience in two large companies ...
36274 ID 40485 / Oksana
Licensed translator with two university entities, Ph.D. in Philology - Oksana
Licensed interpreter and translator to accompany on difficult negotiations and hearings (in court, police, trembling, etc.). Two university education, candidate of philological sciences. Accompanied by ...
36882 ID 998416 / Ilona
ilona bulgarian khmer german italian arabic russian interpreter translator Working languages: Bulgarian, Khmer, German, Italian, Arabic, Russian.
Sworn translator and interpreter for work in notary offices, courts and police stations. Working languages: Bulgarian, Khmer, German, Italian, Arabic, Russian... Higher linguistic ...

Cost of translation services in Hungary, prices 

Interpretation at celebrations (registry office, wedding) from 29 € / hour, 230 € / day *
Tour interpretation, guide from 29 € / hour, 230 € / day *
Interpretation at the exhibition from 35 € / hour, 270 € / day *
Interpretation in negotiations from 35 € / hour, 270 € / day *
Medical interpretation (in clinic) from 39 € / hour, 310 € / day *
Technical interpretation from 39 € / hour, 310 € / day *
Promotional staff (on stand) from 35 € / hour, 270 € / day *
Judicial interpretation (police, court, etc) from 45 € / hour, 350 € / day *
Interpretation at presentations from 49 € / hour, 380 € / day *
Interpretation by a notary or civil wedding from 49 € / hour, 380 € / day *
Interpretation at a seminar, training from 55 € / hour, 450 € / day *
Interpretation of press conferences from 55 € / hour, 450 € / day *
Simultaneous interpretation (conference, seminar) from 69 € / hour, 549 € / day *
Rent of equipment for simultaneous interpretation negotiable
Appointment of a meeting with doctors, lawyers from 25 € per meeting
Phone and video interpreters (Skype, phone) 1 € / minute + 15 € per connection
Meeting at the airport, transfer negotiable
  • Minimum order - 2 hours for departure
  • For evening orders (after 21: 00), the customer pays a taxi for the translator.
  • Urgent orders (for 24 hours) - 20% surcharge.
  • Payment methods: cash, Visa and Master cards, bank transfer, PayPal.
  • If necessary, provided reporting documents (receipt, act).
  • Prices and costs are approximate, excluding transport and other costs.




Types of translation in Hungary

• consecutive translation in Hungary - negotiations, exhibitions, interviews, deals, consultations in the clinic, etc .;
• simultaneous interpretation in Hungary - conferences, seminars, trainings with a large number of participants);
• remote interpreting by phone in Hungary - via skype or direct telephone communication;
• written translation in Hungary - articles, books, websites, instructions, certification of documents.



Events served by interpreters in Hungary

• translator for business negotiations (at business meetings, exhibitions, on boards of directors, etc.);
• guide-translator, guide (translation of excursions, escort around the city, meeting at the airport);
• translator for celebrations (registry office, birthdays, anniversaries, banquets, etc.);
• hostesses, translator of a pleasant appearance (for stands at exhibitions and promotional events);
• medical translator (at consultations in the clinic, operations and treatment);
• translator for interviews (interviews at the consulate, interviews at employment, interviews for the media);
• technical translator (translation in factories, plants, installation or commissioning);
• translator for audit (audit at enterprises in accordance with GMP, GDP, GLP, GSP, etc.);
• sworn, notarized translator (translation of notarized real estate transactions);
• conference translator (simultaneous interpretation of conferences, seminars, trainings, presentations);
• translator for arbitration proceedings (court translator with arbitration accreditation);
• judicial translator (translator for work in local courts);
• translation (translation of articles, books, websites, instructions, documents).



Specialization and topics of translation in Hungary

• Aviation and astronautics
• Automation and robotics
• Automotive
• Audit, audit, inspection
• Banking
• Security and military affairs
• Biology, zoology
• Accounting
• Arts, crafts, painting
• Cinema and television
• Commerce, trade
• Information Technology
• Cosmetics, perfumes, fashion
• Cooking and food industry
• Linguistics and localization
• Logistics and transport
• Marketing, market research
• Engineering
• Medicine and pharmaceuticals
• International relations and organizations
• Science and technology
• The property
• Education, training and pedagogy
• General conversation and topics
• Industrial production
• Advertising and PR
• Retail
• Agriculture
• Construction, construction equipment
• Customs
• Technics and techology
• Transport, vehicles, freight
• Tourism and travel
• Management and management
• Finance and credit
• Chemistry and chemical technology
• Ecology and environmental protection
• Economy
• Jurisprudence



Here you can order a translator and interpreter in the following cities of Hungary

  • Translator and interpreter in Abony
  • Interpreter and translator in Ike
  • Translator and interpreter in Bahia
  • Translator and interpreter in Balatonfured
  • Translator and interpreter in Bekescsaba
  • Translator and interpreter in Budaörs
  • Translator to Budapest
  • Translator and interpreter in Vac
  • Translator and interpreter in Veszprem
  • Translator and interpreter in Godollo
  • Translator and interpreter in Debrecen
  • Translator and interpreter in Dunakeszi
  • Translator and interpreter in Dunaujvaros
  • Translator and interpreter in Gyongyos
  • Translator and interpreter in Gyor
  • Translator and interpreter in Gyula
  • Translator and interpreter in Zalaegerszeg
  • Translator and interpreter in Kazincbarcika
  • Translator and interpreter in Kalocsa
  • Translator and interpreter in Kaposvar
  • Translator and interpreter in Keszthely
  • Translator to Kechkemet
  • Translator and interpreter in Kiskкrös
  • Translator and interpreter in Kiskununheledhaza
  • Translator and interpreter in Mako
  • Translator and interpreter in Mezёkövesd
  • Translator and interpreter in Miskolc
  • Translator to Mosonmagyarovar
  • Translator and interpreter in Nagykanizsa
  • Translator and interpreter in Nyírbátor
  • Translator and interpreter in Nyíregyháza
  • Translator and interpreter in Ozd
  • Translator and interpreter in Oroshaza
  • Translator and interpreter in Paks
  • Translator to Dad
  • Interpreter and translator in Pécs
  • Translator and interpreter in Sarvas
  • Translator and interpreter in Szeged
  • Translator to Székesfehérvár
  • Translator to Sexard
  • Translator and interpreter in Szentendre
  • Translator and interpreter in Szentes
  • Translator to Szigetszentmiklós
  • Translator and interpreter in Szolnok
  • Translator and interpreter in Szombathely
  • Translator and interpreter in Tapolca
  • Translator and interpreter in Tatabanya
  • Translator and interpreter in Heydubyosyormen
  • Interpreter and translator in Hodmezovasarhely
  • Interpreter and translator in Cegled
  • Translator and interpreter in Chongrad
  • Translator and interpreter in Salgotarjan
  • Translator and interpreter in Sarvar
  • Translator to Sárospatak
  • Translator and interpreter in Satoraljaujhehei
  • Translator and interpreter in Siofok
  • Translator and interpreter in Sopron
  • Translator and interpreter in Eger
  • Translator and interpreter in Erd
  • Translator and interpreter in Esztergom


How to find and order a translator or interpreter in Hungary?

You have already found a translator and interpreter in Hungary. To order a translator, just call our manager at the number below, or fill out our pre-order form for an interpreter. We will send you a commercial offer with the prices of available translators within a few hours. If you would like to choose a translator yourself, we advise you to use the free message board for translators in Hungary.


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