Interpreters and translators in Denmark, guides and assistants

Here you can order different services: interpreter in Denmark... Our translators work in language combinations English, Danish, Russian, Spanish, German, Italian, Chinese, Ukrainian, French, Arabic. Provided translators of a general, medical, technical, economic and legal profile. All translators are carefully selected by our experts and have many years of experience in exhibitions, business negotiations, seminars, trainings, presentations, conferences and accompaniment in medical institutions.


Interpreting at meetings and conferences

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Sworn and court translators in Denmark for notarial transactions, marriage registration, litigation, visiting banks, clinics. All translators are professionals with higher education, work experience, diplomas and certificates. Interpreter services at the US Embassy in Denmark and other diplomatic departments.

32705 ID 3309275 / Vyacheslav
Technical translator in the field of aviation, insurance, production and technology
General translator in the fields of aviation, insurance, production and technology, tourism and recreation. 7 years of experience in one of the largest international company, experience and work in…
19408 ID 998401 / Abdullah
abdulla arabic korean turkish indonesian hindi english interpreter translator Interpretation languages: Arabic, Korean, Turkish, Indonesian, Hindi, English.
Certified technical translator and interpreter with over 6 years of experience in the field of interpretation. Translation languages: Arabic, Korean, Turkish, Indonesian, Hindi, English, Russian... Experience in ...
21776 ID 998418 / Farida
farida arabic uzbek turkish armenian kazakh russian english interpreter translator Working languages: Arabic, Uzbek, Turkish, Azerbaijani, Armenian, Kazakh, Russian.
Guide, interpreter and translator, personal assistant in business and tourist trips. Working languages: Arabic, Uzbek, Turkish, Azerbaijani, Armenian, Kazakh, Russian... Organizes excursions, ...
33817 ID 4738291 / Yanuca
januka english japanese german spanish russian interpreter translator Ecology and biology translator - English, Japanese, Chinese, German, Spanish, Russian - Yanuca
Interpreter with higher education in the field of ecology, biology and medicine. Languages: English, Japanese, Chinese, German, Spanish, Russian... Has over 10 scientific publications. She lives in the country ...
18603 ID 15407 / Ilya
Interpreter for sporting events and negotiations - Ilya
Interpreter and translator with 8 years of experience in the field of sports and business negotiations. Performs oral consecutive and simultaneous interpretations from English, German, Dutch, French, Russian ...
33580 ID 5564684 / Ellina
Certified translator and language teacher
Certified Translator and interpreter in tourism, medicine and agriculture, a graduate of the University. Kapodistrias, Faculty of Philosophy, Department of English Philology. Private teacher ...

The cost of translation and interpreting services in Denmark, prices 

Interpretation at celebrations (registry office, wedding) from 49 € / hour, 380 € / day *
Tour interpretation, guide from 49 € / hour, 380 € / day *
Interpretation at the exhibition from 49 € / hour, 380 € / day *
Interpretation in negotiations from 49 € / hour, 380 € / day *
Medical interpretation (in clinic) from 55 € / hour, 450 € / day *
Technical interpretation from 55 € / hour, 450 € / day *
Promotional staff (on stand) from 49 € / hour, 380 € / day *
Judicial interpretation (police, court, etc) from 69 € / hour, 549 € / day *
Interpretation at presentations from 79 € / hour, 629 € / day *
Interpretation by a notary or civil wedding from 79 € / hour, 629 € / day *
Interpretation at a seminar, training from 79 € / hour, 629 € / day *
Interpretation of press conferences from 79 € / hour, 629 € / day *
Simultaneous interpretation (conference, seminar) from 99 € / hour, 799 € / day *
Rent of equipment for simultaneous interpretation negotiable
Appointment of a meeting with doctors, lawyers from 25 € per meeting
Phone and video interpreters (Skype, phone) 1 € / minute + 15 € per connection
Meeting at the airport, transfer negotiable
  • Minimum order - 2 hours for departure
  • For evening orders (after 21: 00), the customer pays a taxi for the translator.
  • Urgent orders (for 24 hours) - 20% surcharge.
  • Payment methods: cash, Visa and Master cards, bank transfer, PayPal.
  • If necessary, provided reporting documents (receipt, act).
  • Prices and costs are approximate, excluding transport and other costs.



Here you can order an interpreter in the following cities in Denmark

  • Interpreter and translator in Vejle
  • Translator to Viborg
  • Interpreter and translator in Greve Strann
  • Interpreter and translator in Ilulissat
  • Translator and interpreter in Kakortok
  • Translator and interpreter in Koge
  • Translator to Kolding
  • Interpreter and translator in Copenhagen
  • Translator and interpreter in Naestved
  • Translator and interpreter in Nuuk
  • Interpreter and translator in Odense
  • Translator and interpreter in Aalborg
  • Translator and interpreter in Aarhus
  • Translator and interpreter in Randers
  • Translator and interpreter in Roskilde
  • Translator and interpreter in Swenborg
  • Translator to Sonderborg
  • Translator and interpreter in Silkeborg
  • Translator to Sisimiut
  • Translator and interpreter in Skive
  • Translator and interpreter in Slagelse
  • Translator and interpreter in Torshavn
  • Translator to Tostrup
  • Translator and interpreter in Frederikshavn
  • Translator to Fredericia
  • Translator to Haderslev
  • Translator to Helsingør
  • Interpreter and translator in Herning
  • Translator to Horsholm
  • Translator and interpreter in Hillerod
  • Translator to Holbaek
  • Translator and interpreter in Holstebro
  • Translator and interpreter in Horsens
  • Translator to Kjörring
  • Interpreter and translator in Esbjerg


How to find and order a translator or interpreter in Denmark?

You have already found a translator in Denmark. To order a translator, just fill out our translator's pre-order form... We will send you a commercial offer with the prices of available translators within a few hours. If you would like to choose a translator yourself, we advise you to use the free notice board for translators in Denmark.


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