Contacts for booking interpreters

Lingohaus.com provides translation services in 85 countries and 780 cities around the world. We currently have offices in Germany and Russia, as well as partners in Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan.Below are the addresses of our offices and partners and contact numbers.

Russian Federation

Linghaus Ltd, Mazita Gafuri Str. 50, Kazan, Russian Federation.Hotline: +7 843 215 1507. E-Mail: support@lingohaus.com

LLC Linghauz Kazan Russia


Lingohaus Ltd / Darius Pro,Engadiner Str. 24, 81475 München.E-Mail: info@lingohaus.com

Lingosaus Munich Germany

Our representative in Uzbekistan

Dmitry Petrutsik / Lingohaus, Address: Ibn-Sino-1, 6 House, Tashkent, Uzbekistan.Phone: + 998 97 4900 996. Email: social@lingohaus.com

lingohaus tashkent uzbekistan