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If you need to perform a certified translation of documents, then you have come to the right place. Certification of translations is necessary to give legal force to foreign documents for their presentation in courts, consulates, universities and other organizations. Documents must be translated by a sworn translator, and in some countries, notarization is also required.


Certified translation

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With us you can order a notarized translationsigned and certified by the seal of a notary or sworn translator from German, English, Russian, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Norwegian, Turkish, Bulgarian, Polish, Hindi, Chinese and 56 other languages.


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Certified translation of documents is performed by officially appointed sworn translators who are authorized by the competent authorities. Many documents that must be submitted to the authority and are of an official nature require a translation by a sworn translator and notary certification. Therefore, such a translation is often called a notarized translation.



Order a certified translation of documents

Fill out the application form for a certified translation by attaching documents. We will estimate the cost and time frame and send you a quote within 15-30 minutes during business hours.


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Prices for certified translation of documents

Prices for certified translation of documents vary depending on the city, type of document, language pair, urgency and type of delivery of the document. For example, a certified translation of a document from Russian into German will cost less than a certified translation from Japanese into Hindi, since the latter language combination is considered rarely used. To get the exact price and terms, you need leave a request.



How long does it take to complete a certified translation?

Each document is very individual - both in terms of text volume and complexity. The translation cost estimate takes 15-20 minutes. Translation and certification of a document of up to 800 words can be completed in one day if the translation is carried out by one translator. We distribute large volumes of texts among several sworn translators to achieve high translation speed. It will also take one day to obtain the apostille. Delivery of documents takes 1-2 days.


In which languages ​​is the certified translation of documents carried out?

We translate and certify documents from 56 languages ​​of the world. The cost and terms of translation and certification for each language may differ significantly, since it depends on the workload of the translator for each language combination, as well as on the volume and complexity of the document itself.


Certified translation of documents from different languages


Urgent certified translation of documents

A competent and correct certified translation takes time. As a rule, we translate any document with certification in 2-3 days, additionally it takes 2 days for delivery by standard postal service. What if you urgent certified translation needed? For such cases, we can speed up the transfer process itself and use express delivery.


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In this case, the cost of an urgent certified translation will be 25-30% more expensive than a standard one, since our translators will need to work longer than usual, as well as cover the costs of urgent delivery.


Do I need to bring the originals in person or come for a certified translation?

In short, no. However, most countries require the original document. In some countries, we carry out certified translations completely remotely, and in some jurisdictions, it is impossible to perform a certified translation without the original. In cases where the code cannot be translated without the original, we send a courier or use the postal service. After receiving copies of documents for translation and certification by e-mail, we will inform you if we need the original, as well as inform the price and terms, after which you can pay by card using the link. As soon as the payment is received, our translators start working. When the document is ready, we will send you the originals in paper form, signed by a sworn translator to your home address or your office address, using the postal service or courier.


For which government agencies and departments is a certified translation done?

Certified translation of documents is often required for filing applications with government agencies - courts, departments for foreigners, marriage registration authorities (registry office), schools, universities, consulates. Many driving schools require certified translation of driver's licenseif they were obtained in a foreign country. A certified translation is also required for notarial transactions with a notary (when buying or selling real estate, registering a company, etc.). Your insurance company may also require a certified translation if you send them a receipt received abroad in a foreign language. If you are a foreign citizen, a certified translation may be required by the Aliens Office.


How to order a certified translation?

To order a certified translation of documents fill out the request form or send us an e-mail with all documents for a cost estimate. For an urgent certified translation, you can also send us a document via Whatsapp, to the number indicated in our contacts... We will estimate the cost of translation and certification of the document and inform you. Everything is very easy, fast and convenient.


Apostille and legalization of documents

There are several ways to legalize documents. One such way is the apostille. Apostille confirms the authenticity of the document for its examination abroad. Apostille on a notarized translation of a document is carried out in court and can only be affixed to the original document. It should be borne in mind that the document must be in good condition, the seals and signatures must be readable. The document that needs to be apostilled must be issued no later than 6 months at the time of the apostille. It is necessary to indicate from which and into what language the document was translated, who was the translator and for filing in which country a certificate is required.

Other types of document legalization are consular legalization and legalization through the Commercial and Industrial Fee. Consular legalization can be used if your country has not signed the 1961 Hague Convention and does not accept apostilles. In the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, you can certify commercial documents - contracts, invoices, receipts, etc.


For which documents a certified translation is carried out

We translate and certify more than 140 types of documents into 56 languages ​​of the world.

Identity Cards:

  • Passport; international passport; internal passport; diplomatic passport; passport of a foreign citizen;
  • Birth certificate; military ID; refugee certificate; residence; temporary identity card; temporary residence permit; driver's license; employment history; and other documents.


References and certificates:

  • Marriage certificate, birth certificate, evidence about divorce, evidence about changing the surname, death certificate.
  • Certificate on state registration, certificate of registration of a vehicle, certificate of registration at the place of residence, certificate of no criminal record, certificate of lack of citizenship, certificate of the absence of a record of the marriage act.
  • Certificate of renunciation, certificate of citizenship, certificate of professional status, certificate of honorary citizenship, sports certificates, proof of citizenship, securities, wills, recognition of German citizenship, certificate of admission and others. 


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Education Documents:

  • Higher education diploma, diploma supplement, inserts, vocational diploma, secondary education diploma, high school certificate, certificate supplement, continuing education diploma.
  • Curriculum, proof of degree, certificates of honor, certificate of completion of music school, certificate of completion of residency or internship, examination papers.


Powers of attorney and consent:

  • General power of attorney, power of attorney for representing interests abroad, powers of attorney for representing interests in banking operations, power of attorney for the sale and purchase of a share in a joint-stock company, power of attorney for representing interests in a divorce.
  • Power of attorney for the sale of real estate, power of attorney to call or receive documents, power of attorney to transfer managerial rights. 
  • Consent to the departure of the child, the consent of the spouse to complete the transaction.
  • Consent to refuse to participate in privatization.


Financial documents: 

  • Bank statement, financial statements, annual report. 
  • Extracts from the commercial register (Handelsregisterauszug), extracts from the chamber of commerce.
  • Tax declaration, salary certificate.


Contracts and agreements: 

  • Sales contract, rental contract, employment contract, service contract.
  • Equipment purchase contract, translation of constituent documents.
  • Corporation charter, land purchase and sale agreement.


Personnel documents: 

  • Employment book, resume, motivation letters, letters of recommendation, references from the place of work.
  • Certificates of work experience, characteristics from the place of work, a certificate from the work of a pensioner.
  • Сcorrection from the place of work on salary and vacation, certificate of professional status.


Medical documents: 

  • Medical certificates, diagnoses, medical records, translation of personal documents for treatment abroad, medical contracts,
  • Translation of analyzes, medical reports, translation of a vaccine, translation of anamnesis, epicrisis, blood test, translation of medical records,
  • Medical translation with notarization, translation of medical equipment (instructions for the equipment), instructions for medicines,
  • Translation of scientific reports, translation of scientific articles for publication, medical translation for pharmaceutical companies, Covid test, etc.


Contacts for ordering certified translations:

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Email: certified@lingohaus.com