Translator and interpreter in Nuremberg, Germany - Russian, German, English. From 30 € per hour.

Experience in translations in negotiations and support of groups at Nuremberg trade and industrial exhibitions, experience in German companies as a technical editor, German state diploma issued by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Since 1994 he has been living in Nuremberg, working for German companies as a technical editor, translating German, English, Russian. Experience in interpreting negotiations at trade shows (FAMETA, InterZoo, Toy Fair, InterGeo, Evenord, BioFach, Brau Beviale, IWA).

Translator and interpreter in Nuremberg, Germany - Russian, German, English. From 30 € per hour.

Interpreter's name: Pauline

Translator ID: 50825

A country:  Germany

You can order an interpreter in the city:  Nuremberg / Nürnberg

Interpretation languages: Russian, German, English

Availability of a private car:  No


  • Bosch Power Tools, Leinfelden, Germany (at present) - participation in the project “Simplify” - revision and amendment of existing manuals for the operation of power tools, reconciliation with existing technical rules and regulations
  • Siemens Mobility, Erlangen, Germany (December 2015 to September 2015) - editing and translation (German-English) of interactive instructions for company employees using the SAP program
  • Diehl Metering, Ansbach, Germany (June to December 2014) - compiling, editing and translating (German-English, German-Russian) technical documentation for water and heat meters, translating negotiations with a Russian-speaking delegation, translating Russian-language documentation and regulatory documents, translation of correspondence with Russian organizations
  • Atotech, Feucht, Germany (January 2012 to June 2014) - compilation, editing and translation (German-English (Across), German-Russian) of technical documentation for electroplating machines
  • Areva NP, Erlangen, Germany (October 2008 of the year to October 2011 of the year) - database maintenance, compilation and processing of bilingual (German, English) technical and commercial documentation
  • Siemens PG, PTD, SFS Erlangen, Germany (April 2007 of the year to August 2008 of the year) - writing documents with SAP PDM, organizing seminars, conferences, business trips and billing with SAP R3, maintaining bilingual (English, German) correspondence and participating in bilingual workshops
  • Company Beißer, Wendelstein, Germany (January 2006 to April 2007) - processing transactions using DATEV Re / We, working in the accounting department of the company, communicating and corresponding with tenants, suppliers, notaries, financial and legal institutions.


  • St. Petersburg Academy of Theater Arts (1989 - 1994)
  • State English Courses, St. Petersburg (1991 - 1993)
  • Atlas Schule, Nuremberg, Germany, specialization "Secretary with knowledge of the English language" (2000 - 2002)
  • Data Processing Institute, Nuremberg, Germany, specialization “IT Data Processing Specialist” (2003 - 2005)

Hourly rate: from 30 to 40 Euro per hour

Daily rate (for 8 hours): from 250 to 350 Euros per day

Minimum order: 2 hours per day





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