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Simultaneous and sequential interpreter to Glasgow from Euro 50 per hour

Russian-English consecutive and simultaneous translator and interpreter in Glasgow. Also performs translation, editing and proofreading of texts. Tatyana is a qualified and experienced freelance interpreter with two higher educations and work experience over 10 years. He is a member of the Institute of Linguists UK. Highly qualified interpreter.

Simultaneous and sequential translator and interpreter in Glasgow

Interpreter's name: Tatyana

In which cities the transfer is made: Glasgow / Glasgow

Interpretation languages: Russian, English

Availability of a private car: No

Events where the interpreter translates: exhibitions, courts, press conferences, interviews, telephone translation, escort of individuals and delegations, negotiations, translation at celebrations, consultations at the clinic, translation at presentations, seminars, conferences, translation of excursions, visits to factories and plants, work at assembly sites.

Competence: Reliable and motivated, able to work concentrated for long periods of time. Flexibility and ability to adapt to orders. Full member of the British Royal Institute of Linguists. Included in the British National Registry of Interpreters.

Hourly rate: from 50 to 65 Euro per hour

Daily rate (for 8 hours): from 420 to 600 Euros per day

Minimum order: 3 hours per day

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+7 843 215 1506

Opening hours: 08: 30 - 17: 30



Client's review

Interpreter Feedback

“They came to the clinic for diagnostics. Many thanks to the interpreter for arranging a doctor’s appointment and follow-up counseling. Everything went great. The interpreter is competent in medical matters. Only good impressions were left.

Margarita Rumyantseva (Vorkuta, May, 2018)

Interpreter Feedback

"We worked with an interpreter on the installation site, while receiving a large project of a hydroelectric power station. Despite super-complicated technical terminology, the interpreter coped well with the task. Thank you."

Sergey Atamanov (Dubna, September, 2018)

Interpreter Feedback

"Thank you for the quality of the work done during the MEDICA exhibition."

Leonid Mikheev, Arash Medical (Baku, November, 2018)