Professional translator in Athens from Euro 35 per hour

Ellina (ID: 17444). Graduate of the Kapodistrian University of Athens, Faculty of Philosophy, Department of English Philology, 2013. Private teacher in Greek and English. Participation in exhibitions as an interpreter in the field of tourism and agriculture in Athens. From November 2015 to the present moment she has been working in a translation agency (Greek-Russian, Russian-Greek, English). Resident in Athens since 2006.

Professional translator in Athens 

Interpreter's name: Ellina 

A country:  Greece

You can order a translator in cities:  Athens / Athens

Interpretation languages: Russian, Greek, English

Availability of a private car:  No

Events where the translator translates:  translator in Athens, translator at the exhibition in Athens, technical interpreter in Athens, medical interpreter in Athens, interpreter in court, escorting individuals and delegations in Athens, negotiations, translation at celebrations, weddings and banquets, consultations at the clinic, translation for presentations, seminar, conference, translation excursions.

Hourly rate: from 35 to 50 Euro per hour

Daily rate (for 8 hours): from 230 to 380 Euros per day

Minimum order: 2 hours per day





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