I offer translator services in Stuttgart from 30 Euro per hour

Christina (ID: 14881). Directions: Russian - English, English - Russian, German-Russian, Russian-German. Higher philological education. Permanent translation activity and experience - 2 years. Work in a translation agency, on cruise ships and freelance translator. Participation in international projects. Now I teach languages ​​and do private translations. Has the skills of consecutive interpretation in the language pair English - Russian (and vice versa). 

Offers translation services in Stuttgart 

Interpreter's name: Christina

A country:  Germany

You can order a translator in cities:  Stuttgart / Stuttgart 

Interpretation languages: Russian, English, German

Availability of a private car:  No

Events where the translator translates:  Various topics, preferably legal and economic topics. Translation of oil refining and oil and gas topics, IT topics, software, applications, manuals, computer programs and game topics. Also translates meetings into Stuttgart humanitarian and applied topics and other types of specialized translation.

Hourly rate: from 30 to 45 Euro per hour

Daily rate (for 8 hours): from 220 to 300 Euros per day

Minimum order: 2 hours per day





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