Interpreter and translator in De Lutte, Netherlands - Russian, Dutch - from 55 € per hour or 400 € per day.

Highly qualified sworn translator from Dutch into Russian and vice versa. Specialization in the field of business and business communication. Professional experience in the field of business communications. Extensive experience in interpretation in the field of agriculture, when purchasing industrial equipment. Language support by a notary. Personal transport.
Since 2002 I have been living and working in the Eastern Netherlands. Registration in the register of the Bureau of Sworn Interpreters and Translators of the Netherlands, registration in the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce. For over 10 years I have been engaged in interpreting with a specialization in the field of business and business communication: negotiations (including by phone and Skype), visiting potential partners, concluding contracts, purchasing raw materials and equipment, accompanying on business trips, translation at exhibitions and cultural events. My priorities are conscientiousness and reliability, using my professional skills in the interests of clients, helping to bring closer and understanding interlocutors regardless of differences in culture, traditions and way of thinking, confidentiality in relation to information.
I will also provide services for the execution of orders of any complexity.

Translator and interpreter in De Luttea 

Interpreter's name: Olga Olde Keizer-Zapevalova

Translator ID: 147402

A country:  Netherlands

You can order an interpreter in the city:  Hengelo / Utrecht / Amsterdam.

Interpretation languages: Russian, Dutch,

Availability of a private car:  Yes



Prices for interpretation services:  

Support at the exhibition, business negotiations from 55 € / hour or 400 € / day
Medical interpretation (for consultation at the clinic) from 55 € / hour or 400 € / day
Technical interpretation (for technical negotiations) from 55 € / hour or 400 € / day
Interpretation at a seminar, training (consecutive) from 55 € / hour or 400 € / day
Simutaneous interpretation (for conferences and seminars), without equipment from € / hour or € / day
Appointment of a meeting (by phone) with partners, doctors, lawyers from 35, - € / appointment
Telephone interpretation services (Skype conference, phone call) 1, - € / min + 15 € per call
Certified translation of documents (certificates, diplomas) from 15 € / page *
Meeting at the airport, transfer, assistance in accommodation negotiable
  • Cost is indicated for orientation.
  • Minimum order - 3 hours per order (interpretation)
  • For evening orders (after 21: 00), the customer pays the cost of a taxi for the interpreter. 
  • Urgent orders (24 hours before the start) - 20% surcharge.
  • Payment methods: cash, wire transfer (in rubles or euros), credit card, paypal, yandex-money.
  • A receipt and other required documents are provided.
  • Prices and costs are indicative, excluding transport and other costs





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