Translator and interpreter in Nice, France - Russian, English, French. From 70 € per hour.

Interpreter with higher linguistic and legal education in Nice, experience in the field of translation for over 10 years. Working languages: English, Russian, French. Areas of specialization - jurisprudence, literary translations and translations of PR materials, art, winemaking / oenology, business translations, business negotiations, translations at exhibitions and congresses (MIPIM, MAPIC, etc.), accompaniment as a guide-translator in Nice ... Among my clients: National Police, French notaries, lawyers and authors, Kingdom Limousines, Gazprom, Regions Group of Companies, Polylog PR-agency.

Translator and interpreter in Nice, France - Russian, English, French. From 70 € per hour. 

Interpreter's name: Eleanor

Translator ID: 96389

A country:  France

You can order an interpreter in the city:  Nice / nice

Interpretation languages: Russian English French

Availability of a private car:  Yes


  • May 2013 - present - living in France, working with French as well as French-Russian companies and associations as a translator and interpreter (English and French), as well as an editor (main topics: jurisprudence, cosmetology, fashion, culture, artistic translations, winemaking, commercial and business negotiations, other humanitarian areas, accompaniment of tourist groups).
  • 2017 year - participation at MIPIM as a translator at the Dream Island booth (Regions Group);
  • from 2016 of the year - cooperation with the National Police, as well as the Court of Higher Instance (interpretation at interrogations and court sessions, written translations of documents);
  • 2015 of the Year - translation of the site of the company Kingdom Limousines (one of the leading French companies in the field of luxury transport services);
  • March 2014 of the year - preparation and translation of the presentation materials for the Bodyflex Workshop; editing translations in French. product descriptions for a site about Siberian cosmetics;
  • January-February 2014 - thin translation into fr. lang reports on Russian winemaking and Massandra’s wines for Ms. Isabelle Foret, oenologist and
  • January-June 2014 of the year - cooperation with the Cabinet of the Deputy of the National Assembly, Mayor of Canne, Ms. Michel Tabaro: translation of legal documents and publicistic articles related to the problems of adoption of Russian orphans by French citizens.
  • January 2015 - cooperation with Gentile Translation Studio (Nice), interpretation (Russian-French and French-Russian) at the Pedagogical Council at the specialized School for children with hearing problems;
  • February 2015 of the year - cooperation with the Association “Espoir”, interpretation (Russian-French and French-Russian) in the framework of the investigation of juvenile affairs.
  • July 2012 - the winner of the "Business Translator" competition, held on the initiative of the School of Business "Dipol" and the International Institute of Management LINK,
  • August 2012 - participation in the project to translate the website of the Open University of Great Britain, in collaboration with the School of Business "Dipole" and the International Institute of Management LINK (art. and business translations from English). - Artistic translation from ang. a series of articles on crimes against Russian journalists; - Translation of the Decisions of the European Court of Human Rights (from English and French); - Translation of business presentations, presentations for business trainings (from English); - Translation of statutory documents of Cypriot companies (from / to English);
  • October 2011- legal proceedings in Luxembourg (bank documents, statements of claim, business correspondence, documents of enforcement proceedings, court decisions (from / to French.); - Translation of contracts for the purchase of real estate (from Fr.yuch.); - Artistic translation from French (Pascal MARME's novel "Si tu savais ..."); - Literary translation of journalistic and popular science articles (from English); - Translations of powers of attorney, protocols, contracts (agency, purchase and sale, licensing, cooperation, credit, etc.) compiled by in accordance with different jurisdictions (USA, UK, France, Malta, Cyprus, Luxembourg, Panama) (from / to English and French. Languages); - Translation of documents for notarization (marriage registration certificate, diplomas, certificates) (with Fr. lang.);
  • January 2010 - cooperation with IPR Media in the field of translation from English of official documents of the European Union (Directives and Regulations of the European Parliament and the Council of the EU);
  • January 2010 - participation in the translation of the site of Olga Stankevich (translated from English. One of the articles, reviews by Alex Henderson):
  • January 2011 g .; - Translation of marketing materials for French brands (in the field of fashion and cosmetics;
  • 2007-2010 (after graduation, combining translation with other activities): - Negotiations, correspondence (oral and written translations) with English-speaking and French-speaking companies on cooperation in the promotion of clothing brands; - Translation of marketing materials, fashion clothing catalogs, legal documents (distribution agreements, bank documents); - Preparation and translation of documents for the Embassies (Embassy of France, US Embassy); - Translation from / to French language via Skype, private conversations (cooperation with a foreign marriage agency),
  • December 2009 - March 2010; - EBRD TAM BAS project, working as an interpreter and translator with representatives of Japanese companies, October 2007 - November 2008; - The project of building a new plant together with the Austrian company Zeman (consecutive translation at negotiations, translation of a business plan into English, preparation of bilingual legal documents),
  • December 2007-November 2008 g .; - Equipment maintenance project, cooperation with Baker Hughes (translation of legal documents),
  • January 2008 - August 2008; 2004-2005 (while studying at the university): Accompanying a group of tourists on a two-week trip to Thailand as an interpreting manager,
  • August 2005 g .; - Assistance in the preparation of documentation in English for the tender announced by the Indian company Shivani (cooperation with OJSC Saratovenergogeofizika),
  • July 2005 g .; - Linguistic and legal expertise of an international supply contract (between a Russian and a Swiss company) (for OJSC Saratov Fat Plant)


  • 2001-2006 - Faculty of Philology of the Saratov State University (Romano-Germanic department, specialty - English philology, translator of English and French). Qualifications - philologist, translator in the field of professional communication. Diploma with honors.
  • 2001-2007 - Saratov State Academy of Law (specialization - international private law). Qualification - a lawyer. Diploma with honors.
  • December 2008 - City & Guilds international exam in English (5 level, advanced).
  • December 2009 - international exam in French DALF (C1).

Hourly rate: from 60 to 80 Euro per hour

Daily rate (for 8 hours): from 450 to 500 Euros per day

Minimum order: 2 hours per day





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