Legal and business translator in Gabrovo, Bulgaria - Russian, English, Bulgarian, Spanish - from 29 € / hour or 210 € / day

Legal and business translator and interpreter in Gabrovo, Bulgaria. Graduated from the Moscow State Linguistic University. M. Toreza in 1992. Specialty translator, referent of English and Spanish. I am also fluent in Bulgarian and Russian. Many years of experience as an interpreter and translator in the USA, Spain, Russia, Bulgaria. Business vocabulary, economics, negotiations and meetings, exhibitions and presentations, experience of working as a guide in Russia at Intourist 2 years. I am fluent in oral consecutive and written translation. They have experience in legal transactions support, as well as translation by a notary. I accompany you at business negotiations and exhibitions in Gabrovo.

Legal and business translator in Gabrovo, Bulgaria - Russian, English, Bulgarian, Spanish - ID 837712 / Anna

Interpreter's name: Anna

Translator ID: 837712

A country:  Bulgaria

You can order an interpreter in the city:  Gabrovo and in neighboring cities

Interpretation languages: Russian, English, Bulgarian, Spanish

Availability of a private car:  Yes

At what events does it translate:  translation in the field of logistics, translation in the field of marketing, legal translation, translation at seminars, translation at business negotiations, escort at exhibitions, technical translation, translation of economic documents, translation of excursions, guide and interpreter services, translation during an audit, translation in the field of education , project translation, translator in factories, certification of documents, translator in factories, translation at seminars, translation during an audit, business translation, translation of presentations, translation for consultations in a clinic, translation for medical seven translation, exhibition negotiations, business negotiations, interviews at consulates and embassies, seminars, conferences, trainings, translation of interviews, assignments, written translations, telephone interpreting, notary translation, notarial support, legal support.


  • 2008 - 2018 - Laboratory for Success - Parva Ltd. Manager. Brokerage and legal services.
    2004 - 2008 - LLC Alterra-M, Moscow. Logistics Manager. Furniture import, procurement, warehouse management, etc.
    2002 - 2004 - ProfServisTrade LLC, Moscow. Director of Development.


  • 1985 - 1992 - MSLU named after M. Torez, translator of English and Spanish
    1989 - 1990 - distance learning in Spain. Specialist in marketing and law.
    1997 is the US National Institute. Project management and tenders.

Prices for interpretation services:  

Support at the exhibition, business negotiationsfrom 29 € / hour or 210 € / day
Medical interpretation (for consultation at the clinic)from 29 € / hour or 210 € / day
Technical interpretation (for technical negotiations)from 29 € / hour or 210 € / day
Interpretation at a seminar, training (consecutive)from 35 € / hour or 245 € / day
Simutaneous interpretation (for conferences and seminars), without equipmentfrom 45 € / hour or 400 € / day
Appointment of a meeting (by phone) with partners, doctors, lawyersfrom 35, - € / appointment
Telephone interpretation services (Skype conference, phone call)1, - € / min + 15€ per call
Meeting at the airport, transfer, assistance in accommodationnegotiable
  • The cost of the translator is indicated for orientation.
  • Minimum order - 2 hours per order (interpretation)
  • For evening orders (after 21: 00), the customer pays the cost of a taxi for the interpreter. 
  • Urgent orders (24 hours before the start) - 20% surcharge.
  • Payment methods: cash, wire transfer (in rubles or euros), credit card, paypal, yandex-money.
  • A receipt and other required documents are provided.
  • * - prices are oriental and depend on order quantity.




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