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Simultaneous translator and interpreter in London from Euro 70 per hour

Elena (ID: 83062). Certified translator and interpreter in London with confirmed qualifications of a simultaneous and consecutive interpreter. Provides translations for business meetings, conferences, exhibitions and seminars in London. Specialization: medical, technical, legal and economic translation. Loves his profession. He has been living in England since 2010, and has taught his own courses for learners of Russian and English, as well as courses for translators and interpreters in London.

Translator and interpreter in London

Interpreter's name: Elena

A country: United Kingdom

You can order a translator and interpreter in cities: London / London

Interpretation languages: Russian, English

Availability of a private car: No

Events where the interpreter translates: legal translator and interpreter in london, economic translator and interpreter in Londontechnical and medical translation exhibitions, courts, press conferences, interviews, telephone translation, escort of individuals and delegations, negotiations, consultations in the clinic, translation for presentations, seminars, conferences, translation of excursions, visits to factories and plants, work on assembly sites.

Hourly rate: from 70 to 90 Euro per hour

Daily rate (for 8 hours): from 480 to 600 Euros per day

Minimum order: 3 hours per day

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+7 843 215 15 07

English, German, Russian



Client's review

Interpreter Feedback

"I express my deep gratitude to the interpreter for his professionalism, interest in the tasks of the customer and benevolence! We worked at the medical exhibition.

Oleg Kraslavksky (St. Petersburg, May, 2018)

Interpreter Feedback

"Translation services at a business meeting (OST groups and Daejon Manufacturing) were rendered at a high professional level. High marks, we recommend."

Ravil Tayupov (Kazan, February, 2019)

Interpreter Feedback

"Thank you for the quality services, the organization of translation in the clinic was satisfied, you helped us a lot!"

Svetlana Demina (Irkutsk, November, 2018)