Translator and interpreter in Naberezhnye Chelny, Russia - Russian, Chinese, English - from € 19 per hour or € 149 per day.

Technical translator from Chinese, English and Russian in Naberezhnye Chelny. He has Russian and Chinese diplomas in higher linguistic education, works as an interpreter in Naberezhnye Chelny from Chinese and Russian in the technical field since 2008. Accompanying delegations, commissioning, exhibitions, conferences, seminars and training.

Translator and interpreter in Naberezhnye Chelny, Russia - Russian, Chinese, English - from € 19 per hour or € 149 per day.

Interpreter's name: Maksim

Translator ID: 628864

A country: Russia

You can order an interpreter in the city: Naberezhnye Chelny / Naberezhnye Chelny

Interpretation languages: Russian, Chinese, English

Availability of a private car: No

Work experience (partial list):

  • Manual, Translator from Chinese. Accompaniment of the Chinese delegation at negotiations on investment and foreign trade topics in the field of fishing, transportation and storage of fish products.
  • Solomatic Ltd, technical translator. Translation between Russian and Chinese engineers during assembly and commissioning at asphalt plants.
  • Medical Center. Manager - translator. Translation between Chinese doctors and parents of children diagnosed with cerebral palsy during treatment, translation of negotiations with the host country. Accompanying Chinese specialists and translation in household and cultural events.
  • Organization of celebrations. Presenter of the festive event in Chinese Presenter in Chinese of the opening and closing ceremonies of the Russian-Chinese forum of young entrepreneurs.
  • Ltd. Fire business. Translator of English Chinese. Telephone calls and remote interpreting of technical documentation from and into Chinese and English.
  • Tech. Translator of Chinese. Interpretation on commissioning works on installation of the galvanizing line of printed circuit boards, written translations of spare parts lists, equipment menus, everyday support of Chinese workers. Interpretation between leaders in negotiations on cooperation and in production, excursion support. Accompanying the Chinese government delegation in the negotiations on cooperation in the field of nanotechnology and excursions to research centers.
  • Metalworking plant. Translator of Chinese. Interpretation during negotiations on the supply of metalworking equipment and inspection of production machines of the Chinese supplier.
  • Kama Engine Plant. Translator of Chinese. Interpretation during the negotiations of plant managers with representatives of Chinese firms of component and equipment suppliers.
  • Ministry of Tourism. Translator of Chinese. Accompanying the Chinese government delegation during the 12th meeting of the subcommittee for tourism of the Russian-Chinese Commission on Humanitarian Cooperation.
  • Giproniiaviaprom. Translator of Chinese. Interpreting in the field of testing equipment at the booth of the technology exhibition and during negotiations on cooperation, escorting the delegation and translation in household and cultural events.
  • Plant for the production and processing of sunflower oil and waste. Chinese Translator Launching a biofuel production line from sunflower seed husks. Interpretation between a Chinese engineer and a customer’s workers.
  • Lektos glass. Translator of Chinese. Translation during commissioning works on the installation of the production line of double-glazed windows and bending aluminum profiles.
  • LLC Proxy. Manager - translator. Accompanying the delegation in China, translation during negotiations, excursions, evening events and the organization of life.
  • Rehabilitation center Darin. Manager - translator. Interpretation between doctors of the Chinese treatment center and parents of children diagnosed with cerebral palsy during medical procedures and examinations. Interpretation between the Chinese representatives and the Russian leadership during the negotiations. Written translation of medical clinical extracts and prescriptions. Assistance in organizing the schedule of classes, performing other duties of a manager. Accompanying Chinese specialists and translation in household and cultural events.
  • LLC Basis. Translator of Chinese. Translation between the Chinese engineer and the plant representatives during the commissioning of the installation of the conveyor belt for batch packaging of bulk materials.
  • Truck resource. Technical translator. Interpretation of negotiations and technical lectures on the installation of equipment. Translation of lectures on the device loading equipment and troubleshooting in the course of staff training and issues related to warranty obligations. Accompaniment of Chinese specialists and translation in household and cultural events.
  • LLC Teplostroy. Technical translator. Translation during the commissioning of the installation of extruder lines for the production of plastic pipes
  • Company Option A, GK New Wave. Translator. Oral technical translation during the commissioning of a tablet printer for the production of promotional materials. Accompaniment of Chinese representatives and translation in household and cultural events.
  • LLC MasterSpetsStroy. FEA manager. Communication with manufacturers of horizontal drilling rigs and related equipment, logistics, translation of customs and technical documentation, drafting commercial proposals, catalogs, descriptions, etc., representing the company at an international summit on trenchless technologies in India, making a report and negotiating with potential customers in English and Chinese.
  • Glavinveststroy. Translator. Translation during installation supervision, commissioning and staff training. Negotiations with the supplier and the inclination to resolve the conflict in favor of the customer.
  • Prom-Oil Ltd. Translator. Bilateral interpreting during the commissioning of the installation of a horizontal milling and boring machine with CNC. Accompaniment of Chinese specialists and translation in household and cultural events.
  • LLC Kamsky knitwear. Translator Manager. Negotiations with Chinese suppliers and dealers, translation of customs and commodity documentation.
  • Plant Ariada. Translator. Technical translation during commissioning works of the installation for longitudinal cutting of metal sheet.
  • Kazan State Conservatory. Russian language teacher for Chinese students, manager for work with eastern partners. Teaching from scratch the Russian language, conducting lessons, lectures, seminars completely in Chinese. Search for Chinese partners, organization of receptions of Chinese delegations, design and placement of Chinese students, the solution of organizational issues.
  • Chistopol ABZ. Technical translator-manager. Interpreting during maintenance work at the asphalt-concrete plant, communicating with the supplier company and assisting in solving logistical issues.
  • Russian-Chinese management company. Translator. Interpretation at negotiations in the company and government agencies on the topic of real estate and wholesale trade.


  • Refresher courses for translators. Guangxi Normal University China.
  • KSPU, Eastern Branch. Chinese and English teacher

Prices for interpretation services:

Interpretation at celebrations (registry office, wedding)from 19 € / hour, 149 € / day
Interpretation of excursions, guide servicesfrom 19 € / hour, 149 € / day
Promotional staff (on stand)from 19 € / hour, 149 € / day
Interpretation at the exhibitionfrom 20 € / hour, 156 € / day
Support in business negotiationsfrom 20 € / hour, 156 € / day
Medical interpretation (for consultation at the clinic)from 21 € / hour, 164 € / day
Technical interpretation (for technical negotiations)from 21 € / hour, 164 € / day
Judicial interpretation (police, court, etc)from 25 € / hour, 194 € / day
Interpretation at presentationsfrom 25 € / hour, 194 € / day
Interpretation by a notary (registration of documents)from 25 € / hour, 194 € / day
Interpretation of press conferencesfrom 25 € / hour, 194 € / day
Interpretation at a seminar, training (consecutive)from 23 € / hour, 179 € / day
Simutaneous interpretation (for conferences and seminars), without equipmentfrom 29 € / hour, 224 € / day
Appointment of a meeting (by phone) with partners, doctors, lawyersfrom 21 € / appointment
Telephone interpretation services (Skype, phone call)1, - € / min + 10 € per call
Meeting at the airport, transfer, assistance in accommodationnegotiable
  • Cost is indicated for orientation.
  • Minimum order - 2 hours for departure
  • For evening orders (after 21: 00) the cost of a taxi for the translator is paid.
  • Surcharge for urgency (for 24ch. Before) - 20%.
  • Payment methods: cash, non-cash transfer (in rubles, euros), card, paypal, Yandex.
  • A receipt and other required documents are provided.




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