Medical translator in Baden Baden from Euro 40 per hour

Victoria (ID: 53315). Medical translator and interpreter in Baden-Baden with a medical and economic specialization. Accompaniment during treatment and registration at the spas, during the passage of medical procedures, assistance in hotel accommodation, translation in business negotiations in Baden-Baden. Has a higher education in the specialty of philologist, teacher of English, translator. Additional qualification "Hospitality and Tourism", trained in the USA and France. Currently teaches English, philosophy and ethics in a German gymnasium. She will be happy to accompany you to any event in Baden-Baden.  

Oral professional translator in Pforzheim 

Interpreter's name: Victoria

A country:  Germany

You can order a translator in cities:  Baden Baden / Baden-Baden  

Interpretation languages: Russian, English, German

Availability of a private car:  No

Events where the translator translates:  Experience in the front desk and hotel service manager. She worked as a sales representative for Eastern Europe at Luxury Capital. He worked as a promoter and translator at the exhibition with such clients as Porsche, UKIP Media, Events Ltd, Marcus Evans Ltd, MicroStep Europa GmbH. Accompanied by business people and tourists in Baden-Baden.

Hourly rate: from 40 to 55 Euro per hour

Daily rate (for 8 hours): from 300 to 350 Euros per day

Minimum order: 2 hours per day





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