Code of Ethics for Translators and Interpreters

The Code of Ethics for a translator and interpreter must be known and followed by every translator and translator when fulfilling his or her orders. It is intended to become a reference point in solving a large number of problems that arise in the daily activities of translators and translation agencies.

Code of Ethics for Translators and Interpreters


The translator's code contains a number of responsibilities

  • The translator should always strive for the highest translation quality and optimal performance. He never knowingly provides incorrect interpretation or translation. The translator is obliged to provide a complete, correct and neutral translation. Translate words, phrases and meaning without changes or omissions.
  • Offer the client his services only if he can really perform the task assigned to him with high quality and this task is within the scope of his technical or linguistic competence. If, for example, a court interpreter, while working in court, notices that the quality of his translation is deteriorating due to fatigue, he must inform the client and may ask for a break. Or if the translator realizes that he does not have the necessary knowledge, for example, because he does not know the jargon, he has to inform the client, who then decides to complete the work or continue.
  • The translator must behave in an honest and professional manner in all circumstances towards the client and show respect for the other parties involved.

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  • The translator must maintain complete confidentiality. He is always careful with all the information he receives during or as part of his written or oral assignment. He also does not use this information for personal purposes, gaining an advantage or in other circumstances that go beyond the scope of his translation or translation assignment. The confidentiality of information that the translator translates, for example, during a conversation between a lawyer and his client, is protected by the professional secrecy of the lawyer. This information cannot be disclosed to anyone without the express permission of both parties.
  • The documents to be translated will always remain the property of the client. Translators do not pass them on to third parties other than on behalf and with the explicit approval of the client and are processed with the same confidentiality. Professional confidentiality and the duty to maintain confidentiality also apply to all members of the team that worked on the translation, and applies even after the completion of the relevant order.
  • The translator must be absolutely impartial in the performance of his assignment. During and after translation or interpretation, he remains neutral and avoids inappropriate contact with parties who request confidential information.
  • Under no circumstances does the translator provide legal advice or practical assistance in solving customer problems
  • The translator reports every real or apparent conflict of interest that arises when completing an order.
  • Under no circumstances should a translator exert pressure or influence on his listeners or readers. He maintains his honesty and impartiality and does not allow tempting illegal interests to arise.
  • When performing his functions, he verbally or in writing accepts that he will not receive any benefits, gifts or money from third parties, except for the costs incurred by him related to the execution of the order.
  • The translator adheres to the scheduled working hours and deadlines. If this is not possible, he immediately informs the client about it so that he can take the necessary measures in a timely manner.
  • The translator informs the client of any doubts arising from a possible dictionary error in the source or target language.
  • The translator conveys what is said or written in the source language as literally, accurately and impartially as possible.


Some translators available for order

48315 ID 9458756 / Catherine
Certified Interpreter and translator in Barcelona
Professional interpreter for the translation of seminars and major exhibitions, including remote interpreting negotiations and support of real estate transactions, conclusion of contracts, solution of current ...
47922 ID 8324765 / Ella
Interpreter at an exhibition
Interpreter to accompany on exhibitions and forums. Received education in different countries. Experience in various industries has developed her erudition and intelligence. Offers his interpreter services at ...
47703 Diana
Interpreter in economics and world politics. Currently a doctoral student at the Faculty of International Relations. The translator has been living in the country since 2010, freely ...
47001 ID 4481273 / Anna
Experienced translator with two higher education
Interpreter in journalism and interviews with two higher educations: Moscow State University (public administration) and Peoples' Friendship University (journalism). Has experience as a journalist, ...
52146 ID 37853 / Elena
lena portuguese greek czech itlian spanish russian english interpreter translator simultaneous interpreter - portuguese, greek, czech, italian, spanish, russian - Elena
Simultaneous and sworn translator. Passed the state exam and received the status of a sworn translator. Speaks 6 languages: Portuguese, Greek, Czech, Italian, Spanish, Russian... It has…
32842 ID 17119 / Olga
Certified medical translator - accompanying in clinics during examination, diagnosis, treatment, childbirth and operations - Olga
Certified Medical Translator - accompanies in clinics during examination, diagnosis, treatment, childbirth and operations. She repeatedly accompanied patients in leading clinics of the country, ...


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