Simultaneous interpreter in Heidelberg - Russian, German, English - from 49 € per hour

Simultaneous interpreter in Heidelberg, graduate of the Faculty of Philology of St. Petersburg State University and the Faculty of Translation of the University of Mainz. 5 years of experience as an interpreter in negotiations, accompanying delegations and at events. Provides translation services to patients in medical institutions in Heidelberg. High-quality and responsible preparation, creation of the most favorable conditions for cooperation for clients, as well as careful observance of their requirements are mandatory components of my work.

Simultaneous interpreter in Heidelberg 

Interpreter's name: Eugeniya

Translator ID: 80419

A country:  Germany

You can order an interpreter in the city:  Heidelberg / Heidelberg

Interpretation languages: Russian, German, English

Availability of a private car:  No

Additional information about the translator:  Thanks to orders from various fields, she has worked with terminological bases from the construction industry, heavy industry, energy, food industry, psychology, sports, music in Heidelberg


  • 2013 - 2016 Master in Conference Translation, Faculty of Applied Linguistics and Cultural Studies, Mainz University. Johannes gutenberg
  • 2009 - 2013 Undergraduate Theory of Translation and Interlingual Communication, Department of German Philology, St. Petersburg State University

Hourly rate: from 49 to 70 Euro per hour

Daily rate (for 8 hours): from 380 to 500 Euros per day

Minimum order: 2 hours per day





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