Dear colleagues!

Lingohaus is a certified translation agency based in Germany, which provides travel agencies with the opportunity to implement our services of oral (sequential), oral (simultaneous), as well as written translation from Russian into European languages ​​and vice versa. Our Translation Bureau provides translation services in all countries of the European Union. When ordering services, you can choose languages ​​and translation specialization: general profile, commerce and business, engineering and technology, medicine, humanities, law and some other profiles. In addition, when ordering simultaneous interpretation services for seminars, conferences and symposia, our company provides equipment for simultaneous interpretation, including its transportation, installation, configuration, management and subsequent dismantling after the event.
Cooperation with travel agencies is based on an agency agreement, which reflects all the conditions of cooperation, including the commission for travel agencies. After signing the contract, you will be given a price list for our services, which already includes your commission.

The following documents are required for cooperation:

    • Agency contract
    • Price list for consecutive translation services
    • Price list for simultaneous interpretation services
    • Price list for translation services
    • Terms of cooperation for travel agencies (Agency AGB)

Contact us to book an interpreter or tanslator:

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Phone: +7 987 215 1506

Phone: +49 160 955 00 446