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Professional interpreters worldwide

Lingohaus - is a boking platform among more than 18 000 interpreters around the world. Here you can find best professional interpreters and book their services worldwide.

31132 ID 1524331 / Natalia
Translator and interpreter in Shanghai with higher pedagogical and philological education
Interpreter in the humanities with higher pedagogical and philological education. She graduated from the State Pedagogical University with a specialist diploma in the specialty "Teacher ...
31367 ID 8324765 / Ella
Interpreter at an exhibition
Interpreter to accompany on exhibitions and forums. Received education in different countries. Experience in various industries has developed her erudition and intelligence. Offers his interpreter services at ...
29874 ID 1092846 / Yuri
Technical and business interpreter
Technical and business interpreter. Engineer-economist - logistics, rail transport, construction and architecture. Economist - business economics, capital markets. Sociology and psychology of mass ...

Over the past 8 years more than 15 000 orders from customers from more than 81 countries have been ordered through our platform. We have accumulated tremendous experience in a variety of subject areas for the selection of performers of consecutive and simultaneous interpretation.

Prices for translation services start from:

Interpretation at celebrations (registry office, wedding) from 6 € / hour, 50 € / day *
Tour interpretation, guide from 8 € / hour, 70 € / day *
Interpretation at the exhibition from 8 € / hour, 70 € / day *
Interpretation in negotiations from 8 € / hour, 70 € / day *
Medical interpretation (in clinic) from 10 € / hour, 90 € / day *
Technical interpretation from 10 € / hour, 90 € / day *
Promotional staff (on stand) from 8 € / hour, 70 € / day *
Judicial interpretation (police, court, etc) from 12 € / hour, 100 € / day *
Interpretation at presentations from 12 € / hour, 100 € / day *
Interpretation by a notary from 12 € / hour, 100 € / day *
Interpretation at a seminar, training from 15 € / hour, 140 € / day *
Interpretation of press conferences from 15 € / hour, 140 € / day *
Simultaneous interpretation (conference, seminar) from 35 € / hour, 290 € / day *
Rent of equipment for simultaneous interpretation negotiable
Appointment of a meeting with doctors, lawyers from 15 € per meeting
Translation by phone (Skype, phone) 1 € / minute + 12 € per connection
Meeting at the airport, transfer negotiable
  • Minimum order - 2 hours for departure
  • For evening orders (after 21: 00), the customer pays a taxi for the interpreter.
  • Urgent orders (for 24 hours) - 20% surcharge.
  • Payment methods: cash, non-cash transfer (ruble, euro), credit card, paypal, Yandex money.
  • If necessary, provided reporting documents (receipt, act).
  • * - prices may vary depending on the availability of the interpreter and a volume of requested services

Order translation services

Our core competency is selection. consecutive and simultaneous interpreters around the world. Exhibitions, conferences, medical or technical events - we will select a competent interpreter for you, instruct him and send you his contact details. In the case of force majeure, we can always replace the interpreter. We appreciate the trust of our customers and We are well aware that time is money. That is why our employees are always available to quickly resolve issues.

Telephone translation of business negotiations and conferences

Here you will find over 12 interpreters who provide remote telephone transfer from Russian, German, Spanish, Italian, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese and other languages. We work with 130 languages ​​of the world. This service is an excellent alternative to personal conversation, in cases where the interlocutors, for certain reasons, are not given the opportunity to attend a personal conversation. Technically, a telephone transfer is carried out through a Skype conference or through a cloud-based remote transfer system. You leave us an application in which you inform the phone numbers on which you and your interlocutor will be available, assign the exact time, topic and language pair of the call. The manager will prepare everything. Punctually, at the agreed time, our interpreter makes a conference call and translates your conversation.

Select a language pair for telephone translation

When ordering telephone translation services, You are given the opportunity to choose the languages ​​and topics of the translation, as well as provide us with a brief summary of the conversation in advance. If the conversation is of a very specific nature (technology, medicine, etc.), in which special terms are potentially present, then in order to ensure the accuracy of the translation, it is advisable to provide detailed material in advance for the interpreter.
We guarantee complete confidentiality of information in accordance with the "code of the interpreter."

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